Lighting Up Your Puja Room

Puja room or Puja Ghar(as it is commonly known)isa staple addition in every Indian household. It is known to bring prosperity, protection,and happiness to the family and according to traditional beliefs, it should be well-lit. These days, puja rooms have shrunk to become wall cabinets or a simple mandap in a nook. Lighting has become a challenge, but many residential interior designers in Bangalore have come up with unique solutions to light up your Puja Ghar.




Many residential interior designers in Bangalore recommend the usage of spotlights to illuminate the puja room. Soft spotlights can give an ethereal glow when the puja room is between walls or in a corner. If the flooring is granite or tiles, the light will bounce off and illuminate the whole area. Electric diyas are a good choice if you are on a budget. Even string LED’s or serial lights are a good choice to light up your mandap as they can be reused and set up in different kinds of ways to decorate the space.


Look up


An illuminated tray ceiling can make the puja room well lit-up. Ceilings lights will give a distinctive look to the puja room in an open floor plan concept. It can also act as a zone separator andprovidewarm lighting when complemented by the ceiling and floor.


Pendant lights


Many residential home interior designers in Bangalore recommend the use of pendant and chandelier lights as it adds sparkle and artistic influence on the room. For example, hanging some lights in glass and chrome from the metallic dome can brighten up the room. It also adds a dash of modernism with a minimalistic effect.


Panel lights


Panel lights are also a nice touch when looking to brighten up the puja room. Instead of jarring lights, conceal them behind panels to emit a celestial radiance. One of the advantages of these panel lights is that they are pliable and give depth to the room. They can be usedin shelves, in backdrops or even the ceiling. These lights are durable and come with many beautifying effects.


Interesting effects


Ifyou want to give a little twist to your puja room, residential interior designers in Bangalore have a solution for that as well. Light fixtures that project interesting patterns is an excellent addition to puja rooms. For example, an intricate dome pendant light that shows-off a beautiful teardrop pattern will add a touch of grandeur, and an illusion of depth. In case, the puja room is near a window, add some skylights to accentuate the natural light and some potted plants to enhance that au naturel feel.


When it comes to choosing lights, it is best to use LED lamps. LED bulbs are a perfect fit as it is energy-efficient, low maintenance and comes with a long life.


If you are looking for some more lighting ideas, then we at Design Arc Interiors are here to help.