Designing a Productive Work-Space

Every office comes with its unique identity, and when planning to design a workspace, the one-size-fits-all technique does not work. Office interior designers in Bangalore recommend that the design of a workspace should create a positive atmosphere and create a conducive environment.


Now-a-days, offices are transforming into wide, multi-functional spaces by opting for a green building design. As open office encourages the flow of communication while a green office has become a necessity in today’s world. This combination succeeds in making the office a sustainable and productive workplace.


Here are some ideas to design a productive workspace:


Freeform Lounges


Instead of the conventional boardrooms, a separate space for brainstorming, design freeform lounge areas where the employees can talk and discuss would make things easier for the employees. Office interior designers in Bangalore recommend these lounges for employees work informally albeit comfortably. In contrast, to the rigid lunchroom, these lounges indicate that it is okay for the employees to take breaks so long as the work gets done. Breaks in work hours may seem unproductive, but it is quite the opposite as these little breaks help the employees to perform better.


Colour Coding


Research indicates that colours give perspective because the brain easily processes any idea associated with them. There is a certain palette of colours that has been scientifically proved to stimulate the mind. Blue lets the employees focus on the task at hand while green does not cause eye fatigue; yellow stimulates creativity and red improves your focus. These days, Office interior designers in Bangalore predominantly use these colours when designing a workspace.


Go Green


Transform your office into an urban jungle by keeping potted plants at every nook and corner. Turn those bare lounges into an idyllic setting by hanging plants or creepers over a glass wall complete with pebble floor. Plants add colour and life to the room and with remote working on the increase, it has become essential to incorporate plants in an office space to create a salubrious environ for the employees.


Natural light


Office & Home interior designers in Bangalore stress the importance of natural light for productivity. Humans instinctively connect with nature which is why Biophilia is one of the trending office designs. Being one with nature boosts morale and productivity. Placing workstation near windows and converting a wall into a huge window that creates a focal point for working is a great way to not only incorporate natural lighting but also to cut down on those pesky electricity bills.


Community Workstations


Community workstations have taken over conference rooms. It has replaced formal spaces with work benches and community tables. The community workstation can be a place for brainstorming or for having a free flow of communication about an idea and other tasks. When people from different backgrounds come together,there will be a collaborative effort to bring the best ideas to life. At the same time, the Office & Apartments interior designers in Bangalore, recommend that these workstations should also be free of clutter as organised spaces gives more productivity.


Designing productive workspace has become an essential requirement for every office. Design experts of “Design Arc Interiors” have designed numerous productive offices for corporates, startups, retail giants and brands and no two space are the same. Check out our portfolio for better understanding.