Designing a Bachelor Pad

Creating a bachelor pad is quite a challenge nowadays, given the complexity of the youth today. They want their man cave as it also called to be a true reflection of their innerselves and their hobbies, passion and taste. Their apartment interior design should be a statement to their successes, a place for entertaining their gang and so much more.




Industrial flooring or hardwood floors are synonymous with masculinity. Dark wooden floors or polished concrete floors are not only amazing in the looks department but is also very versatile. When planning for an apartment interior design, you can even use bare floorboards as they set off a warm and welcoming tone.




Furniture installation and placement defines every man cave. Place a comfy couch or sofa over a beautiful white or brown rug for that comfortable seating when having over friends. Place beautiful coffee tables that double as your dining table along with beanbags that are great for movie marathons or sports event. Avoid cliché when choosing apartment interior design ideas for your home, go with refreshing or out of the box ideas to reflect your taste. Set up a custom bar cabinet that holds all the items like wine glasses, your favourite drinks and cutlery. Add some industrial shelves to store your books, your trophies and mementoes. Incidentally, these shelves can be used as a separator when designating the living and dining area. When choosing furniture for the bedroom, go with sleek bed frames that are in a low in height as it looks incredible. Many designers recommend the custom order bed frame for bachelor pads.




Use linens that are dark in colour for bedrooms and bathrooms. Paint the headboard wall in a dark blue or black and hang your favourite picture or artwork on it to bring some spice to the room. If you are a fan of outdoor sports and activities, then park your bicycle or a bike in the living space to showcase your love towards sports.


When using apartment & home interior design ideas for your bachelor pad, the concept of lighting is a very important aspect. Use globe lights or uniquely shaped chandeliers to highlight the workspace or the dining table. This gives a unique glow to the area. Use dimmers to change the lights according to your mood.


Hang posters of your favourite artists in the entertainment area or the collectables collected in your travels to add that personal touch.




Luxurious bathrooms are not only for women but men too; it is the comfortability factor that appeals to the bachelor pad. When choosing an apartment interior design idea for the bathroom, you can set a shower bench to relax under the hot water after a long day’s work or designated area to comfortable shave when standing on a beautiful plush bathroom mat.The same way the bathroom should also house a strong light so that it does not show the shadows behind.


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