Interior Design Solutions for Small Homes

Smart storage,visual elements and bright colours are now part of every small house interior design. Making a house of any size look chic is an effortless process as there are many ideas available. Any home is a reflection of its owner’s personality, and it is an undisputable fact that we strive to keep it beautiful at all times.


Here are some ideas that will keep your home beautiful and functional




Opt for a sleek round dining table with four chairs in solid or light colours. See whether you have the option of pushing those chairs or stools inside the table so that you will have more space. Mount your televisions on the wall and place three seater sofa with small ottoman near it that can double up as a coffee table or seating table. Lay out a small rug in the middle for some added texture to the room.


Some of the house interior design ideas recommend bigger but fewer furniture to enhance the look of your home. It is prudent to choose pieces that have a double advantage like a table could function as a desk and for dining, a sofa that can be converted as a bed for guests or binge watching.




Use the colour palette to differentiate the zones of your home. Go for neutral tones to accentuate the space and give an illusion of space to the onlooker. Add some textures and tones to the room, so it doesn’t look plain.  Pastel shades for the bedroom, creamy walls for the living room along with two tones for the kitchen would be a great fit. While painting your cabinets add some mirrors. It is the oldest trick in the world as it makes space look bigger and adds glam to its look.


Use the space


Lack of space is an excuse to get creative and use those house interior design ideas that make your home to look suave. Use the space beneath the windows by transforming it into a cosy reading nook with hanging shelves on the wall that hold the works of your favourite authors. Transform one part of the wall into your working space by patterned hanging shelves with mounted wall desk. Place a colourful rug and some potted plants near the desk to enhance the space.




Hang curtains as high as possible in light or pastel shades as it makes the windows appear wide. You can even use these curtains to designate every zone of the home. Add a lot of hooks, and the necessary wall mounted shelves in the kitchen to make use of the space. Get the shelves to be tailor-made or paint them in bright colours to add zing to the kitchen. Add some floating shelves in the bathroom to store your bathing essentials or add a storage space underneath your sink to keep the towels and other knick-knacks. Last but not least, don’t place all of your things on shelves as it will become into a clutter that will shrink the space. When planning a house or apartment interior design for your home, choose the items that need to displayed and store away the others to get a sleek and elegant look.


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