Creating a Fairy Tale Effect in Your Kid’s Bedroom

Going through fairy tale phase is the staple of every girl’s childhood. Every little girl is a princess in her own right as they inspired by the princess of Disney’s realm. Fairy tales make the childhood more magical, and it brings a smile even in the most trying times.


Creating a fairy tale bedroom is not a difficult task albeit a very easy process when you use interior design ideas. The fairy tale effect should be a perfect harmony of décor and furniture, and it should look like a scene right out of far far away.


Here are some design ideas that help you achieve that effect:




Zero on in a theme. Be it a forest scene from Snow White or the enchanting tale of Cinderella, decide on the type of scene you want to recreate and list out the items needed to complete the look. Most interior design ideas of fairy tale themes recommend the use of subtle pastel shades of lavender, lilac, or forest green with wood accents or neutraltones.


Wallpapers or Decals


Once the stage is set, the next step is the wall. Achieving the la la land effect does not require very elaborate preparations; a few simple adjustments will do the trick. Instead of keeping your painted wall empty, you can wallpaper them with pictures of Disney princesses or a scene from your child’s favourite story. You can also stick various decals in place of wallpapers, as they come in many patterns and colours that can be displayed across the room and even on their cabinets.




Choose furniture that is rustic and elegant like a four-poster bed or a carriage bed that suits the theme you have picked. While choosing the bed linen, choose the shades of lavender, pink or cream with a lot of frills. Some interior design ideas suggest the use of bed linen with printed ball gowns or ballet dress along with a printed tiara in the pillow. Place cushions or blocks with a princess or a scene on all sides for the little one to relax and play. Position the child’s wardrobe or dresser next to the wall that depicts a castle scene.




Curtains are a must, hang pastel coloured curtains with sheer fabric and tie them with a tiara. Small figures of garden gnomes or Lumiere candlestick figure from Beauty and Beast or paint your little one’s name in the bed frame in bright colours. Place a rug that depicts a fairytale setting for your child to hold her tea parties comfortably. Paint the ceiling with clouds or use a night light to project a fairytale scene to the ceiling.These knicks-knacks help you get that perfect fairytale look and create a place that is practical. Interior design ideas recommend not to overdo the decorations as it will become a clutter.


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