Designing a Rustic Living Room

The living room is a place to relax, connect and enjoy leisure at your own time. The most trending living room interior design these days is the rustic also known as the vintage design. The rustic design gives the feel of the countryside to your home. It is known for its charming yet antique feel that takes you on a journey to the yesteryears.


Here are some ways you can bring a rustic feel to your living room:


Floor to ceiling views


When using a rustic living room interior design, the floor to ceiling views is the most recommended as it allows the natural light to sweep through the room. It adds an elegant, structural aesthetic to the room. Transform one part of the room into a windowed wall to have a magnificent view of your outdoors. If you are living in an apartment, place some huge potted plants for the view while you sip your morning coffee.


Antique furnishings


Vintage and antique are quite synonymous with each other. When adopting the rustic trend, you can use the industrial design where the predominant colours are grey with hardwood floors. To add the more vintage look to the décor hang some antique clocks in different sizes in a circular pattern. Instead of a pattern, you place a grandfather clock at the mantel or in the corner of the room. Place a side table underneath or in the side of the clock with some potted plants and a classic typewriter or telephone to finish the look.


One other furniture that is a perfect example of antique is a chest of drawers. It also is known as an ark, cassone or coffer; this vintage chest will add a touch of functionality to your living room. As a living room interior design in corporates functionality with a bit of elegance, this chest will be a perfect fit. It can be used to store cushion covers or sheets while being your favourite coffee table.


Colour or No colour


The rustic living room is not only dark shades of grey or any other dark colours, but you can also experiment with vibrant hues to bring back the magic of the 80’s and 70’s. Like a dark wood centre table over a colourful rug that blends with colourful furnishings like sofas, cushions, beautiful posters and bright lamps. Place a cream-coloured couch in front of the table to create a focal point.


Not a fan of colour? Then you can go for all-white look for your living room.Place white furniture with subtle pops of colour like an burnt orange chair between the sofas or a bright centre table. Hang a crystal chandelier that radiates a glow as natural light waltz through the floor to ceiling window while the wind softly blows the luxurious cream curtains. This living room home interior design is perfect for the seasons year round.


The advantage of this setting is that you can spice up the room anytime you want. Turn it into a Bohemian Rhapsody by throwing some purple cushions, throw pillows or some textured rugs.


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