How to Use Area Rugs in an Interior Design?

Area rugs have long been used as a decorative accessory. Right from the time man started hunting, he also started using the skin of the animals to warm himself and then to cover the floor of his cave and dwelling. Rugs provide great insulation against biting cold. The art of rug making originated in Persia almost 2500 years old and it became a status symbol to have one of them in a house for a very long time. Remember, how Queen Cleopatra smuggled herself to meet Julius Caesar wrapped in one of these.


Today, many interior decorators in Bangalore are using area rugs as a part of their interior décor to enhance the look of the space and to add texture to their design.


Here are a few ground rules established by interior decorators in Bangalore that would help you select the right area rug for your space.


Selecting the right rug


To get this right, one really needs to select the area where the rug needs to be displayed. If the rug is placed in a high-traffic area, where people tread a lot, then it is best to go for a material that is durable and easy to clean. It is also best to opt for a dark or well-patterned rug that will hide stains or dirt.


Complementing the right style


Picking the right style, texture and colour is very important because the area rug needs to blend in with the overall theme of the space. Don’t go for popular patterns that you have seen everywhere. Opt for something unique that brings out the colours of the space.


Colours & Patterns


There are many basic rules for selecting the right colours and patterns for an area rug. Most interior designers in Bangalore put together the drapes, the colour scheme, the furniture to decide which area rug would suit the space. The basic of the rules that most interior decorators follow is that if the upholstery of the furniture has a solid colour then it is best to go for a patterned rug and vice versa. This would add great texture to the room.


Matching Colours


Most rookie designers make the mistake of putting together items that match the colour and shade of all accessories right from the furniture to the drapes. The trick to match colours is to be subtle. The secondary colour of your room can be the patterned rug that you pick and this colour can match the cushions that are placed on the sofa or the drapes. Solid rugs that are placed can match the accent colours that you pick for the room, like a vase or art etc.


From time immemorial rugs have not failed to elicit warmth and the feeling of coziness in a space. They are an integral part of interior décor so much so that they anchor the entire colour scheme of the space. Therefore, it is imperative that care is taken to select the right one.


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