Our Vision of a Green Home

Green homes are no longer the homes of future. For many interior designers in Bangalore, it has become the present. For many years, the dream of a green home found a place only in some far-away farmhouse away from the grid of the mainstream. Many followed their heart and shifted bases to rural areas and followed their dreams.


For many, this is a pipe dream. Most of us can’t realistically live like a hermit in some farmhouse in a remote village. We need to be near our places of work within the city and work. Does this mean that you could build a green home that can go off the grid even within the city?


Yes. Today, most interior designers in Bangalore are called to design a green home and the challenge is that these homes are bang in the middle of the city.


Here is our vision for a green home within a city (no less)


Solar Energy


Solar energy is not a fad or somebody’s latest pet project any more. It has become a necessity and will soon be the must-have in all-building projects. True sustainability cannot be procured without integrating solar energy within the interiors to power the electrical appliances.




Integrating Aquaponics has enhanced the sustainability factor of a green home. Aquaponics within the home grid works in tangent with the organic garden that will grow the food for the homeowners. It forms a tight circle of dependency and sustainability and helps to keep the food organic through the rich compost deposits from the fish waste.


Adding Bamboo for a dramatic effect


Bamboo has long been used as a feng shui element in interiors. Today, many Interior Designers in Bangalore are using the same to bring the nature within the room. Bamboo as a façade has many advantages and it helps to add a certain dramatic flair to the interior.


Courtyard Space


This might be reminiscent of the good old traditional homes in South India and Kerala but they are still relevant in today’s home or office interior design. Courtyard space can be judiciously used to grow plants, food or flowers. If you get the landscaping right, you can put in an artificial pond or even a small fountain there. In a green home, a courtyard can serve as a collection point for the water that passes down the roof and there we can place an underground tank to collect and preserve the water through careful water harvesting.


Vertical Garden Space


Mindful of the fact that we are building a green home in the urban space, most office or home interior designers in Bangalore are now building a house with vertical gardens. A garden space is not only prime but also sacred and optimum use of the same is a must. Vertical gardens also add to the visual effect of the home and can also become the talking point of the home.


One needn’t hunt for a conversation starter when you are within a green home indeed!