Wardrobe Design Ideas

We often face this very singular problem of finding a space for our clothes, shoes, trinkets and the list goes on, and they are never in order. We often like spending time in the closet while dressing up and experimenting with different styles. So, comfort is an essential requirement when designing wardrobes. When thinking about wardrobe design, the factors of convenience and accessibility is very important.


Before planning for your wardrobe design, take up a thorough inventory of the items available in the closet. Inventory will help you in deciding what wardrobe style suitable for your bedroom.


Depending on the size of the room and your storage needs, you can either opt for walk-in wardrobe or design it as a separate part of the room. Usually, the wardrobe is designed to be part of the wall as they not only save space but also look very clean and crisp.


So, if you are looking to revamp your wardrobe here are some design ideas that will not only be efficient but also very stylish and chic.


Island with cabinets all around:


Some of the best interior designers in Bangalore recommend this type of wardrobe design. The island can be so designed that it offers comfort along with storage. Set up the island as the focal point of the closet with built-in wall cabinets to hang your daily wear, party wear, office attire, and bath accessories. The island with cabinets can help you in storing in the trinkets like ties, jewelry for daily wear, socks, handkerchiefs and many more. The advantage of this wardrobe design is that it takes up minimal space, but at the same time you can keep things well organized.


Wardrobe corridor style:


When incorporating a wardrobe in the bedroom, the size of the room should also be taken into account. There is no need to fret if your room is medium sized or small sized. Corridor style wardrobe will blend snugly with your room. Some of the best interior designers in Bangalore have used this wardrobe design.  The closet will feature wall to wall cabinets with separators for all your clothes, accessories and shoes. Instead of having plain floors you can carpet them with a neutral color and set up beautiful lighting to illuminate all the corners of your wardrobe. Fixing the mirror on the insides of the door will also save space and allows for more movement in the room.


Luxury and vintage:


Luxury and vintage are concepts that go in hand in hand. Having a wee bit of luxury is a great factor when you design a wardrobe. Vintage adds the touch of nostalgia whenever you step in the closet. Place a recliner or a sofa with fluffy cushions in the middle to ponder your choice for the day while a beautiful antique chandelier is hanging overhead to brighten up the room. Many best office or home interior designers in Bangalore recommend a touch of curtains to the room as it gives a royal look. You can add a wall cabinet that will hold all your jewelry like necklaces, earrings,and others. This wall cabinet will make it easier for you to match the accessories.


At the end of the day, the wardrobe is your personal space where you can sing, dance and experiment. Designing a wardrobe should always carry a personal touch. Want to know more, then the best home or office interior designers in Bangalore, the “Design Arc Interiors” are at your service.