Making the Most of Small Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are the place for families to connect, enjoy and the share their experiences of the day. It is a place that creates many memorable moments of bonding with your friends and family and no matter its size. Dining rooms are an essential part of any home interior design as it brings people together.


Here are some ideas that can help you make most of your dining room:


Go wild:


Have a wild streak? Then a wild theme like jungle wallpaper or climbing vines is the perfect fit. You can also have a printed zebra print for the décor or the furniture. For the lightning effect, hanging lanterns can bring the feel of an outdoor food fiesta. Having a dark color for the walls coupled with antique furniture with a glass or wooden table with a beautiful flower arrangement in the middle makes up for a great time.


Splash of colors:


Having a play of colors in the dining room can add to the ambiance of the room. Having candy pink or electric blue chairs or as curtains. Fuschia is a bold accent that goes well floral wallpaper. A green lacquer can add some shine to the room.  A mix of antique metal lamps and vintage mirrors can add a touch of old times and opulence to the dining room. Bright colors are often used in home interior design to bring life to the room by highlighting the space and its décor.


Formal, modern and crisp:


Want a touch of formality? Then rattan chairs in all white setting with a beautiful plaster chandelier hanging above will give a hint of formality with a personal touch. Get a glimpse of the colonial era with taffeta cloth-covered table and with a beautiful breakfront that is durable for storage and aces in the looks department.


All is art:


Art can be used the make the room pop no matter its size. Many interior designers in Bangalore hang large paintings to bring fresh colors. You can even add cinema posters and have a beautiful and brightly colored terracotta birds on wooden brackets. Showcase your love of plants by placing them near the wall. Mixing different art pieces from various eras and cultures gives an eclectic touch.


Homely yet modern:


Many interior designers often advocate a touch of subtlety with a hint of modernism for home interior design. The sage offers a muted background with vintage flooring, patterned curtains and modern art around the room is a mix of modern yet vintage. Placing a round or a rectangular table with flower vases in the middle along with custom-made French chairs covered with textured linen jute. Hanging exquisite crystal chandeliers or lanterns can add a touch of tasteful elegance to the room.


Mismatched designs:


Looking for the exotic yet casual look for your dining room? White floors with black accents with subtle colored curtains and paper lanterns can make up for mismatched designs and draw attention to all the elements in the dining room. Mismatched designs give a casual feel that is perfect for Sunday brunches and cozy family dinners.


Transform your small dining room into a beautiful and elegant space with some of these ideas. Space is never a constraint as “Home is where the heart is” and we at Design Arc Interiors will help you in making most of your small dining rooms.