Old Interior Design Trends That Have Made A Comeback Again!

Are you thinking of giving a complete makeover to your kitchen this year? Well! If yes, then you can give a chance to some of the old but beautiful designs of the kitchen which have recently made a comeback again.They were not only vibrant and solid but also highly efficient.There is a common saying that selecting the best among the old is equal to invention of new ones.


So, let’s have a look on some of the excellent old kitchen designs which can make your kitchen look modern and give a nostalgic feeling as well.


  • Open shelves

The trend of open shelves in kitchen is slowly making a comeback over the closed kitchen cabinets. They not only enhance the space for storage but also hold more things than that of the closed cabinets. They will help your relatives visiting your place to feel free like their home and can easily take from the shelve whatever they want without asking for your help.The shelves also create an optical illusion of larger space in the kitchen. Making an open shelve offers the ease for organization of the dishware and also cleaning of the space.


  • Indoor plants

Like older times plants are also making a strong comeback to the kitchen designs.The indoor plants not only helps in increasing the beauty of the home but also helps in purification of the air and in maintenance of humidity. They are one of the most affordable ways for giving life and colour to the kitchen.Most of the Indian women are well known of growing green chilies, coriander and mint in the small kitchen gardens. This offers both functional as well as aesthetic benefits.


  • Colourful cabinets

Earlier during 50’s and 60’s the cabinets were available in bright colours. But in middle years dark and light colour woods became trend. However, nowadays the colour cabinets are again making a strong comeback.Most of the people nowadays are preferring to give cabinets a contrasting colour so that their kitchen will have a very customized look. For making the task of choosing the colour combo easy, you can consult or hire from among the Top 10 Interior Designers in Bangalore. They will make your designing work quite easy.


  • Bordered cabinets

If you are among those individuals who have grown in 70’s and 80’s then you must be aware about the skirted or bordered lower and upper cabinets. But this trend is again making a comeback. It matches well with almost every type of kitchen.


  • Countertops made with tiles

During 70’s and 80’s the tile counter tops were in trend.When the cooking counter top posses minimum design it looks beautiful and simple. As this place requires good functionality, therefore when it is made with tile it is quite easy to clean and keep it hygienic.


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So, choose from this old but beautiful design trends and give your kitchen a unique look!