Planning a Home Office

Nowadays, the definition of an office is no more a cubicle in a building but a virtual workstation that allows its employees to work from anywhere in the world including from the comfort of their home.This change of place has prompted many employees to plan a home office. A home office is not only for professionals, but it is also useful for start-ups that are on a tight budget or for consultants.


Many interior decorators in Bangalore are of the opinion that when planning to set up a home office, it is essential to pay attention to the following points:




Choosing the right area is a crucial requirement when planning for a home office. Plonking on a sofa or using the dining table as a makeshift office is not a good idea. Designate a clutter-free and organised space to hold all your office essentials like stationery, files, documents and others. Using a table near to the window with cabinets that will hold all these materials is a great way to get natural light.


Seating arrangements:


Interior decorators in Bangalore recommend transforming a simple table to your power workstation. The table should be your encouragement to work. However, it should also set in a way that keeps the wires concealed and has adequate storage for all your working needs. The storage aids in organising your files and documents and keeps your workstation dust-free and clutter free. Investing in an ergonomic chair will give benefits in the long run.


Ground rules:


When planning for a residential office, make sure to set some rules to give your best like privacy when you work, lowering the Tv volume or stereo volume and so on. In case, your workspace is near the window or the balcony, use noise-cancelling headphones or blinds to drown out the noise. Giving your work complete attention is must when you are working from home.


Get creative:


Many interior decorators in Bangalore recommend spicing up your office that lets your creativity flow. Paint a part of the wall black and use it as a black board to help you remember your appointments or client stipulations or even the deadline for the project.  Sticking some quirky posters will help in lightening the mood and will inspire you to give your best. Surround yourself with books, music or sketch pads. A word of advice, make sure that these materials are also out of your reach because then getting to work will become difficult.




Ideally, your workstation should have plenty of spaces and drawers to store your office related work supplies, documents and others. If you are a consultant or a freelancer, then invest in a cabinet to hold all your official documents and make it easily accessible. If space is a constraint, then place shelves on the wall to keep your stationary and documents. Making use of small hooks and holders will keep your workspace neat and organised.


Lighting and ventilation:


Lighting is an essential aspect of every design. Proper lighting aids in better view of the workstation. Place some potted plants to increase aeration of the room, and it keeps the room fresh and beautiful. Using a table near to the window with cabinets in the background is a great way to get natural light.


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