Bathroom Islands

Bathroom islands are slowly becoming the rave and a prominent part of house interior design. Islands were a staple in the kitchen to create a focal point where families can be together and have a good time. In the same way the bathroom, islands are being used to create a focal point in over-sized bathrooms or to utilize the space.


Most interior designers are of the view that bathroom islands are a common sense approach to spacious bathrooms. The reason for this trend might be the increasing area of bathrooms as it is perceived as a place for a person to relax and be one with their thoughts.


If you are planning a big bathroom as part of your house interior design then, the islands will be a right choice to create a focal point or to add some extra storage space. Right now the trending look for bathroom islands is sleek,contemporary and crisp.


Here are some pointers that will help you if you decide on a bathroom island:


  1. The island should be a space constraint.
  2. Make sure there is plenty of space around the island.
  3. There should be enough space to move around the island even past opened closet doors.
  4. Choose a shape that gives flow to the bathroom like an oval shape is more flowing then a rectangular or square bathroom island.
  5. Customize your bathroom island like do you want it for brushing or putting on make-up. You can also use the island to separate his and her bath accessories.
  6. The bathroom should have sufficient lighting for ease of access.
  7. Experiment with different kinds of materials like glass, porcelain, and large-scale tile.
  8. House interior designers recommend lighter colors like cream, parchment, eggshell, and soft gray, along with engineered quartz and granite that will create a focal point in the bathroom.
  9. There is no need for the bathroom island to blend with the bathroom interiors as it is installed to stand out in the crowd.
  10. It should have cabinets that are accessible on all sides.

Bathroom islands perform three functions of being part vanity, party dresser, and part wardrobe. You can customize your bathroom wardrobe to have low rung sofa to comfortably sit and relax your feet after a long day or wear make-up for your gorgeous look.


You can move you’re his and her sink and mirrors to the middle and keep them on either side of the island. The freed space can be used to add desk or cabinets along the wall. You can even keep potted plants across the wall as hangings or in the desk for the tropical feel.


Try designing your bathroom island as an antique dresser with over-sized sofa to go with it when planning your house interior design as it not only sleek but adds a touch of vintage as well.


Want some ideas on bathroom islands? Then we at Design Arc Interiors; are ready to help you add the wow factor to your home or as the French say adding a magnificent bathroom island to your over-sized bathroom is Tres cool.