Making the most of a Garden View

When we go to hotels we ask for a garden view room. Why do you think that is? Great views and pleasant prospects are nice to rise up to, they are great for selfies evoking much envy among friends and most important of all it enhances the value of the property. How many times you have seen ads that read Garden view apartments? Most often than not, properties are also named appropriate as ‘Garden view’ or ‘mountain view’ to make the most of the property’s view.


While having a view is awesome, it is also important that you build your home in such a way that you enjoy the pleasant prospect that is offered to you. What’s really the point of having a great view if you have walled it up? Here are a few ideas from apartment interior designers in Bangalore that would make the most of a garden view.


Black Frames in Glass Windows


One of the many things that apartment interior designers in Bangalore do to enhance a beautiful garden view is to fix glass windows with black frames. Nothing adds more visual impact to a wooded view than black and since it can blend beautifully into the view, the resultant picture is nothing less than postcard perfect.


A Dining room in an Orangery


These days, most interior designers are experimenting with space and beauty and this is one of their most successful experiments. An orangery need not just be a building in your garden. It can be turned into the most talked-about memorable venues for a cozy dinner party or a fun evening among friends, or even a book club meeting with some wine, pasta, and pizza. What’s fun with this venue is that a garden and a lawn surround it and an astute interior designer would build it with a lot of glass and French windows that would bring the green into the interior. Add a fancy chandelier and a cozy round table makes it worth the trouble because it will be a memorable evening for your guests.


Small Patio


These days, we are lucky to even have a small patio so it is important that we make most of it. Plant trees one or two large trees that would give a cool shade over the place and grow a lawn. Shrubs, potted plant and a hammock would do the trick. Positioning this view within the home is important. If the two or more rooms overlook the place, a careful consideration of the choice of the trees and plants must be given. A climbing plant or a few creepers that creep along the first floor would look utterly charming.


A Pool View


If space isn’t an issue then going in for a small artificial pool might just be worth the view you would get. Naturally adorned with rocks and plants the pool can reflect the infinite depths of the blue sky in the morning and the cool blue rays of the moon in the night. You will never grow tired of this view, that’s for sure.


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