New Trends That Are Evolving In Kitchen Interior Designs!

Starting from the simple and small functional spaces meant for making foods, it has evolved into high creative spaces that will continuously inspire you. Colours, material, gears, sizes and shapes equally contribute to make your kitchen a lively and lovely part of your house.


So, you must be thinking what are the new trends in interior designs of the kitchen that are now evolving?


Well, if we will start with, the monochromatic kitchens are now out and polychromatic kitchens are in. Today's trend is mixing and matching colours. Like the base wall or the cabinets with dark charcoal colour while the upper cabinets can have creamy off-white colour. Another thing that makes an utmost style statement is the marble countertops. One of the designs that are becoming very popular is the uncluttered design. According to most of the renowned apartment interior designers in Bangalore, a kitchen is a place where most of the family members gather, therefore it is important to make it very livelier. Customization and suitability are taking precedence in the kitchen space nowadays. Another colour that is making a hit is dark plum, starting from kitchen cabinets to the foyers everything has started striking the market already.


Coming to the cabinetry style, islands have become very popular nowadays. Well, you must be thinking what is a kitchen island? It is one of the freestanding pieces of the cabinetry that is designed to increase your countertop space. It functions as a medium of countenance that will clearly reflect your tastes and personality. It may not be a permanent space; it can be also a mobile piece that will give you more space for preparation. As it is well known that space availability dictates shape and size of the design, therefore it is better to size the island according to the available space. The byzantine kitchen island is also in trends that contain sinks and cooking surfaces. Then raised stools can be kept in places where there is no cooking area, and it can be used as a dining area. Some storage spaces can also be added to the island. People nowadays whenever to think of alteration in kitchen designs, they see ways of utilizing refined things in kitchen space than before, not only for whole kitchen designs but also for all the elements that fit into them. Everything in a kitchen like walls, floors, storage space, the countertops is coming in new and creative designs, shapes, sizes and dimensions.


Now lets us have a brief discussion on some of the miscellaneous trends


Herringbone floors that will give your kitchen a European improvement. The grey colour finishing will give the wood a smooth and aged look.


The vent hoods blend flawlessly with an underpass tiled wall is in trend nowadays.


If you want your statement stoves to be the point of focus, then you can design it with multiple colours. They will draw all the attention of your kitchen and lends a dash of exclusive elegance.


Coming to rugs the handcrafted rugs offers a soft texture and makes a unique addition to the pattern of your kitchen.


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