Designing a Rustic Living Room

The living room is a place to relax, connect and enjoy leisure at your own time. The most trending living room interior design these days is the rustic also known as the vintage design. The rustic design gives the feel of the countryside to your home. It is known for its charming yet antique feel that takes you on a journey to the yesteryears.


Here are some ways you can bring a rustic feel to your living room:


Floor to ceiling views


When using a rustic living room interior design, the floor to ceiling views is the most recommended as it allows the natural light to sweep through the room. It adds an elegant, structural aesthetic to the room. Transform one part of the room into a windowed wall to have a magnificent view of your outdoors. If you are living in an apartment, place some huge potted plants for the view while you sip your morning coffee.


Antique furnishings


Vintage and antique are quite synonymous with each other. When adopting the rustic trend, you can use the industrial design where the predominant colours are grey with hardwood floors. To add the more vintage look to the décor hang some antique clocks in different sizes in a circular pattern. Instead of a pattern, you place a grandfather clock at the mantel or in the corner of the room. Place a side table underneath or in the side of the clock with some potted plants and a classic typewriter or telephone to finish the look.


One other furniture that is a perfect example of antique is a chest of drawers. It also is known as an ark, cassone or coffer; this vintage chest will add a touch of functionality to your living room. As a living room interior design in corporates functionality with a bit of elegance, this chest will be a perfect fit. It can be used to store cushion covers or sheets while being your favourite coffee table.


Colour or No colour


The rustic living room is not only dark shades of grey or any other dark colours, but you can also experiment with vibrant hues to bring back the magic of the 80’s and 70’s. Like a dark wood centre table over a colourful rug that blends with colourful furnishings like sofas, cushions, beautiful posters and bright lamps. Place a cream-coloured couch in front of the table to create a focal point.


Not a fan of colour? Then you can go for all-white look for your living room.Place white furniture with subtle pops of colour like an burnt orange chair between the sofas or a bright centre table. Hang a crystal chandelier that radiates a glow as natural light waltz through the floor to ceiling window while the wind softly blows the luxurious cream curtains. This living room home interior design is perfect for the seasons year round.


The advantage of this setting is that you can spice up the room anytime you want. Turn it into a Bohemian Rhapsody by throwing some purple cushions, throw pillows or some textured rugs.


Want some more ideas on how to embrace the rustic effect? Then the best living room interior designers in Bangalore; the “Design Arc Interiors” are at your service.

Makeover Ideas for Bedroom

Just because the bedroom is your private space, it doesn’t mean that it does not need any attention. It is like any other room in a home that requires a perfect setting, after all, it is a place where to relax and be ourselves without any inhibitions.


Many home interior designers in Bangalore stress the importance of giving the bedroom a makeover that matches your sense of style. Giving a makeover to your bedroom should be stylish, yet functional and calming.


Wall experiment


Go wild by experimenting with different textures like patterned wallpaper; coloured boho design inspired wallpapers, two-tone paints of white and green or orange and cream or statement wall where spools of thread are arranged in a graphic pattern over calming wall of blue, cream or lilac colours. Love stories? Then stick wallpapers that reflect your favourite folktale in bright colours of red, green or yellow or even your life journey.


Art deco


Art deco is a predominant style of the 1920’s and originated in France. This style is known for its luxurious and splendid appearance,and it celebrates modern ideas. Many home interior designers in Bangalore are incorporating this Art Deco style for bedroom makeover ideas. It gives a luxurious yet eclectic appearance to your bedroom. When planning an Art Deco bedroom,use geometric shapes, vivid prints for your bedding while finishing off with modern art painting to complete the look.


Bed frames


When choosing a bed for the bedroom, there are many from which one can choose. Be it a box bed, platform bed, bunk bed, trundle bed or the gorgeous and ever romantic canopy or four-poster bed; the choice is always yours. Many home interior designers in Bangalore are in favour of the four posters or canopy bed as it gives a gorgeous and suave look to your room. Hang a light muslin or net cloth that will give a breezy feeling to the room. Additionally,then you can adjust the height of the headboards or give it artistic feel by opting for lumber cut headboard.


Embrace Minimalism


Like a clean and crisp space? Then Minimalism is a perfect fit as it uses muted and dark colours, clean and fresh furniture and statement lighting to accentuate the room. A bright patterned rug, simple night stand with an antique lamp shade and a quiet reading corner with a comfy chair and throw pillows is a great fit for a minimalistic bedroom. Place a platform bed with all the linens neatly tucked, and the bedding is in contrasting colours of blue and white or cream and grey to get that crisp look. This same setting applies to a box bed where you get the added advantage of storing your bed linens, cushions and curtains.




When choosing colours for the bedroom, there are many options like shades of grey, neutral shades, two tones or Boho inspired shades that will give your bedroom different accents and look. Always choose the colour that goes with your choice of furnishings or vice versa.


Giving your bedroom a makeover is not an uphill task albeit an easy one. We, at Design Arc, have the best home, apartments interior designers in Bangalore who will create an impressive makeover for your bedrooms.

Role of Interior Design in Offices

Office design plays an integral part in the success of any business. A well-designed office encourages productivity and workflow. For an employee who spends most of their day in the office, office interior design should be visually stunning, functional, comfortable and appealing.


For customers, the office interior design reflects the company’s success, brand value and level of professionalism. Interior design has an effect on people’s moods, attitudes, inspiration and so much more. The design is a reflection of the business purpose, for example, an office of a lawyer will be in darker colours whereas the office of a graphic designer will be in vivid colours with a sprinkle of spunk.That is the reason that an office interior design is no longer a luxury but a necessity.


Role of interior office design


First impression


The reception area is one of the first areas that a potential client notices when walking through the doors. The foyer is a space where an opportunity to awe potential clients, customers and employees presents itself.A well-designed foyer upholds the company’s name and standing in the market. For brands, an awesome foyer is an expectation that has to be fulfilled.




Office interior design focuses on the essential aspect of light and incorporates it in the design. Proper lighting is crucial for the office layout. Interior designers incorporate natural and artificial lighting when designing the office. This mix will help in reducing the glare of natural light coming through the windows. When designing employee cubicles or conference rooms, the lighting should be so placed that the work or creativity is unhindered.


Enhances productivity


Research has proven the fact that the office interior design influences the employee’s productivity. The ambiance is one of the factors that promote creativity. Working in a cluttered space can often lead to stress and confusion whereas a neatly organised space aids in finishing the work effectively. Better yet, enhanced productivity leads to better business performance.




Reputation is essential for businesses to have steady growth and loyal customers. When a client visits the office, it is the ambiance and the aesthetics that impress them first along with the skills and capabilities of the staff. The clients will be more likely to recommend to more people. Over time, it will have a beneficial effect on the business.


Planning a layout for office usually involves right placement of equipment, furniture, and other designated areas like cafeteria, lounge and conference room. Using dividers to separate the spaces like printing room, coffee station and others so that there is no overlap of spaces. Currently, many interior designers in Bangalore are also adopting the going green initiative like more use of natural light and air,solar panels for powering up electronics and many more ideas.


Transforming your office space can’t be a random exercise. It must be a well-thought out process. That’s why you need professional Interior Design experts like Design Arc Interiors for Apartments, Office, Bedroom, Home, Kitchen etc.

Using the Right Pastel Colours for the Living Room

Pastel colours are known for their subtlety. They are often associated with the words of soothing,soft, near neutral and non-chromatic. Some of the commonly used pastel colours are baby blues, delicate pinks and tender greens and the colours of magic mint, periwinkle, and lavender are also increasingly becoming famous.


Many residential interior designers in Bangalore prefer the use of pastel colours as they are suitable for every season. Through the hot summers to mellow monsoon or the chilly winters, pastel colours are a perfect fit.


A living room is the centre piece of any home. It is the place where all the action happens, so incorporating pastel shades will not feel welcoming but also give a sense of belonging.


Here are some ideas to use pastel shades from the best residential interior designers in Bangalore.




Use pastel coloured cushion covers, carpets solid or patterned for your sofas, seaters and floors. Even using a lavender patterned throw over your couch will give a hue of comfort. As pastels are not gaudy, you can mix and match any number of light-coloured accessories.


Worried about curtains? Then the residential interior designers in Bangalore have the solution of using icy mint or frosted blue coloured curtains for that dreamy effect when the wind waltzes through the window.




Pastel colours are a great choice when opting for lighting. Incorporating pastel hues in floor and table lamps with remote control options for dimming and brightening LED strips like spot and alcove shapes. Hang a beautiful candy coloured chandelier in a simple round shape in colours of rose gold, pink or periwinkle for that soothing glow. It will help in increasing the welcoming quotient of the room.




Choose light coloured sofas and chairs for your pastel living room. Using cane furniture will add a touch of subtlety to the room.Many residential home & office interior designers in Bangalore recommend the use of wood, ash greys and soft browns when choosing furniture for your living room. You can alternate the pastel colour arrangement by inserting a wooden centre table or side table with baby blue or lavender coloured settee.


Paint them all


To really embrace the pastel movement, office & residential home interior designers in Bangalore use them on walls. Painting them a powdery blue or baby pink can recreate the effect. The uniqueness of this décor is that you can paint or make patterns or even stick tastefully designed decals on the wall to give the room a fantastic effect. Don’t like all painting all the walls? Then create a statement wall that spreads the pastel hue in your living room.


Colour block


Love a play of colours? Then colour blocks your living room with pastels all over. The residential apartments interior designers in Bangalore advise the use of pastel coloured flowers along with lovely artworks to design your living room. Use a blue coloured side table with checkered modern artwork on baby blue walls along with gorgeous flowers in pale and washed out shades to complete the look.


Recreate these sugary hues in your living room with the help of the best residential interior designers in Bangalore, the “Design Arc Interiors”.

Designing a Minimal Bathroom

Minimalism is the rage nowadays, as it is a reflection of serenity and tasteful elegance. Minimalism is de-cluttering the bulk and is shaping the way we live. Many apartment interior designers in Bangalore are incorporating minimalism in their projects as it offers a clean and sleek look.


In every apartment or home, the bathroom is most cluttered space as bathroom supplies, laundry, towels, robes, bottles and coffee cups(for those who like a long bath) automatically tend to appear.


Nevertheless, transforming your bathroom into a place of tranquility is very easy. Just follow these simple yet effective tips rendered by the best apartment interior designers in Bangalore.


Statement walls


Make a statement with your walls. Paint bright or pastel colours on one side of the wall or stick tiles that make up a beautiful pattern to give a sleek look to the bathroom. Many apartment interior designers in Bangalore are of the view that decorating the statement wall with antique or modern finish mirrors along with streamlined accessories like beautiful taps; muted colour basin mounted on a cabinet along with storage options for towels is a great fit.


Floating shelves


Pairing a simple vanity with an oval mirror along with eye-catching spotlights to brighten up the vanity creates a minimalist statement in your bathroom. To give functionality to this look, add some floating shelves to hold your towels under the sink. Add some walls to the shelves to place your essentials. Having a white background adds elegance to the design. Always avoid freestanding bathroom ware as well to avoid singling out.


Black and white


Black accentuates the colour and commands attention to the area. Very often apartment interior designers in Bangalore recommend the use of black and white tiles as part of the bathroom interiors. Laying black and white chequered tiles along with two-tone wall and counters. Add lights with a glossy/chrome finish to increase the monochrome effect.


White everywhere


Sometimes, a single colour can do the trick when opting for a minimalistic effect in your bathroom. Colours of white, grey and black give an effect of the clean and streamlined bathroom.  Bathroom space mainly consists of a vanity, mirror, commode and shower space. Just stick to the essentials and merge with them a single colour to give a simple yet elegant effect.




Some apartment interior designers in Bangalore create an illusion of space with giant mirrors. Mirrors are an integral part of every minimalist bathroom. Get rid of extra furniture by wall mounting and hanging your essentials and gain extra foot space. Use granite or marble shelves that are in plain view, so you won't feel the need to clutter.


Make it pop


Like some touch of colours? Then make your bathroom pop with some coloured towels and accessories along with fresh potted plants for a trendy effect. Use glass accessories like jars to hold your toiletries which also cut down the bulk of opaque pieces.


Minimalist designs are not the only monotone effects but also glossy. Monotone brings sophistication whereas glossy bounces off light. Want to know more, then the best apartment interior designers in Bangalore at the Design Arc Interiors are here to help.

Colour Trends for 2019

We are just two months away from 2019 and it’s time for interior designers in Bangalore to check out what are the colour trends that are making inroads in the interior design industry.


Here are a few insights into what might be trending in the coming year –


Mauve and Purple


Some might call it unusual but the visual effect of this combination of colours gives a sophisticated allure to space. Perfect for the living room, these colours need to be balanced with accessories that are of neutral colours like beige or cream.




Zesty and dynamic, lime in contrast with some dark wood makes quite a dramatic interior. The interior can be balanced with some beige woodwork with black outlined wood. Most interior designers in Bangalore would accessorize this space with layers of black and ivory textured rugs or drapes.




It’s an unusual colour all right but most interior designers in Bangalore are going for orange bathrooms. For one thing, it’s bright, cheery and brings on a zest for life. For many, this might just be the thing to cheer up on a Monday morning as they get ready. Pair the Orange with some beige or cream and accessorize the bathroom with natural accessories that are recyclable and handmade.


Purple, Blue & Gray


This is a very unusual shade but when added to space, it has a sophisticated allure. Some add a hint of crimson or electric blue to the accessories or art and it works like a charm to jazz the space.


Sage Green


Sage green has been a designer’s favorite for some-time now and it looks like it might continue to be for the next year too. Unobtrusive and yet elegant, this is a sort of shade that doesn’t really jump at you but it does grow on you once you start using the space. Sage green was the designer’s favorite for bathroom colours and when it combined with beige or cream accessories and a few plants it came alive with natural beauty.




It looks like 2019 favors different shades of violet and lilac is a hot favorite among the designers. Elegant, moody and yet lovely, lilac interiors offers a lot of scope for beige texturing and when contrasted with pale pink, the space becomes picture perfect.


Pale Blue


If electric blue was the happening thing last year, pale blue is well poised to upstage it. Pleasant and lovely, pale blue can really make the space light, airy and comfortable. Accessorize it with some reclaimed wood and fur rugs to really bring in the sea within and you have a winner in your hands.


Neutral Rose


Interestingly, shades of rose have become quite a popular choice for interiors. Neutral rose shade tends to lean more towards pale brown and it gives a huge scope to texture the space with cream or white woodwork, dark wood furniture and beige rugs.


With interior designers in Bangalore opting for these colours in the run-up of 2018, 2019 is poised to be a great year and it would be interesting to see which one of these trending colours top the list.


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Designing Minimalistic Bedrooms

The bedroom is a place to unwind and relax after a long and tiring day. Incidentally, it is also a space that we strive to keep simple and elegant to achieve that soothing effect. Some of the expert home interior designers in Bangalore recommend the use of minimalistic design to reach a zen state.


Muted colors:


Muted colors are a staple when considering a minimalistic design for your bedroom. Choosing a color palette of whites, ivory, pink even a gray will give a calming aura to the room. White walls and with less furniture like built-in wall shelves and long curtains on the window and white or baby pink linens, cushions and pillows will complete the look.




The art of minimalism has one distinct advantage where you can experiment with scale. The subtle art of placing or rearranging furniture or creating a focal point in the bedroom is technique well practiced by many home interior designers in Bangalore. Hanging an exquisite chandelier or setting up a big comfy chair with light gray or off-cushions makes the room look more lovely and will give an illusion of space.


Visually stunning:


If you draw a clean and crisp box with perfect corners, it is due to be noticed. The finish of the edges will speak for the design. This same technique is advocated by home interior designers in Bangalore who use clean cut and straight-lined light colored furniture where the mattress is not out of the cot’s rim and is covered by light colored linens. Minimal lighting will accentuate the beauty of the furnishings. However, if you want some texture, spice the room a little bit by adding a bright comforter or a carpet.


Make it work:


Minimalism means less, and the same should apply for home interior design as well. Clearing your bedroom of furniture is an excellent way to incorporate minimalism in your bedroom. Place a chair right next to your bed and use it as a cloth stand and as a night table. Some home interior designers in Bangalore also recommend a wall shelf that can be used for hanging clothes with a beautiful chandelier at the end of it to brighten up your bedside and illuminate the bedroom as well.


Dark matte


Minimal is is not all about only light colors, it is also about crossing over to the dark side. The ceiling of matte black and walls of glossy gray is a beautiful setting for making your bedroom décor a classic example of minimalist design. Most of the home interior designers in Bangalore recommend a four poster bed in black to add to the charisma of the room. Lay out a beautiful snow white mattress with patterned white and gray or white and black cushions and block patterned duvet to complete the look.


You can also carpet the floor with gray for the overall effect. But still, a little color will be a complement to this minimalist design. Add bright solid colored curtains to your windows for the perfect bedroom.


Minimalism is a technique that allows you to experiment with scale and does not require many additions. Using less décor to get the intended effect is the beauty of minimalism. Want to know more? Then the best home interior designers in Bangalore, the Design Arc are at your service.


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Glamorous Dining Rooms to Entertain

Have you ever wondered why we don’t really mind paying a lot of money to go someplace and have a fine dining experience? That’s because some of the best interior designers in Bangalore have perfected great dining spaces in the popular hotels. Right from the crisp linen to the fresh flower, each aspect of fine dining is nothing less than an art.


There are many aspects to designing a lovely dining room and here is where the best interior designers in Bangalore can help you –




Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any space and for a glamorous dining room nothing less than the most exquisite chandeliers can work. Those who want their space to be more formal can go for wrought iron or crystal chandeliers. They will instantly transport you to a bygone era of footmen and butlers, whose stiff upper lip will put you on the best behavior ever! For those who want to go a bit more casual and yet wish for a glamorous table can opt for a row of pendant lights. These are not only functional but can also make great conversation starters.


Table Style


The choice of a dining table is probably one of the biggest decisions you would take while furnishing. Most often than not, it’s the space that decides the choice and one can’t do anything but go with it. But if space isn’t a constraint and if you do intend to entertain a lot, then select a good table made of mahogany, teak or maple depending on the budget. Styling options of the table depend largely on the make and the design. For a formally designed table cream dining table cloths, flowers, vase, porcelain crockery and good cutlery sets the right tone. Using candelabras on the table will give the space a beautiful romantic design.




Nothing is more glamorous than an upholstered chair for a formal dining room. Opting for ornate patterns will add the overall appeal of the dining space and give the area the look of charming allure that will set the tone of the evening.




Investing in good sideboards is a must for a stylish dining room. For one thing, the functional aspect if sideboard makes it a worthy investment, as it can be used to store crockery and to display art or as a wine storage while organizing a buffet dinner. Unlike the dining table, many interior designers in Bangalore turn the sideboard into a focal point of the room and allow the rest of the design to flow from it.




Carpets add on to the luxury element of the space and therefore are a must. Carpets can also be used to balance the colour scheme of the space depending on how it’s been styled. It can be used to up the ante of the design or to tone down the colours. However it is used, it is a must-have element for a glamorous dining room.


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Planning a Home Office

Nowadays, the definition of an office is no more a cubicle in a building but a virtual workstation that allows its employees to work from anywhere in the world including from the comfort of their home.This change of place has prompted many employees to plan a home office. A home office is not only for professionals, but it is also useful for start-ups that are on a tight budget or for consultants.


Many interior decorators in Bangalore are of the opinion that when planning to set up a home office, it is essential to pay attention to the following points:




Choosing the right area is a crucial requirement when planning for a home office. Plonking on a sofa or using the dining table as a makeshift office is not a good idea. Designate a clutter-free and organised space to hold all your office essentials like stationery, files, documents and others. Using a table near to the window with cabinets that will hold all these materials is a great way to get natural light.


Seating arrangements:


Interior decorators in Bangalore recommend transforming a simple table to your power workstation. The table should be your encouragement to work. However, it should also set in a way that keeps the wires concealed and has adequate storage for all your working needs. The storage aids in organising your files and documents and keeps your workstation dust-free and clutter free. Investing in an ergonomic chair will give benefits in the long run.


Ground rules:


When planning for a residential office, make sure to set some rules to give your best like privacy when you work, lowering the Tv volume or stereo volume and so on. In case, your workspace is near the window or the balcony, use noise-cancelling headphones or blinds to drown out the noise. Giving your work complete attention is must when you are working from home.


Get creative:


Many interior decorators in Bangalore recommend spicing up your office that lets your creativity flow. Paint a part of the wall black and use it as a black board to help you remember your appointments or client stipulations or even the deadline for the project.  Sticking some quirky posters will help in lightening the mood and will inspire you to give your best. Surround yourself with books, music or sketch pads. A word of advice, make sure that these materials are also out of your reach because then getting to work will become difficult.




Ideally, your workstation should have plenty of spaces and drawers to store your office related work supplies, documents and others. If you are a consultant or a freelancer, then invest in a cabinet to hold all your official documents and make it easily accessible. If space is a constraint, then place shelves on the wall to keep your stationary and documents. Making use of small hooks and holders will keep your workspace neat and organised.


Lighting and ventilation:


Lighting is an essential aspect of every design. Proper lighting aids in better view of the workstation. Place some potted plants to increase aeration of the room, and it keeps the room fresh and beautiful. Using a table near to the window with cabinets in the background is a great way to get natural light.


Want some more ideas for your home office? Then, Design Arc Interiors offers the service of the best interior decorators in Bangalore who will help you to achieve that perfect home office décor.


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Using Bold Colours for Office Interiors

For a very long time, office interiors were in a set mould of cubicle designs and brand colours. During the past few years, office interior designers in Bangalore are breaking the routine and are exploring something new and unique.


Much of the design concept for office interiors have undergone a sea change because of the way work dynamics have changed. With the advent of cloud technology and work from home concept catching up, your office space needs to offer something more to lure the employees out of the comfort of their homes.


Office interior designers in Bangalore are using bold colours and unique interior concepts to make the office space more inviting if not alluring.


Electric Blue


Blue and shades of electric blue are a popular choice of colour for offices off late. A combination of blue and white or even cream works to great effect and helps to keep calm in the office.


Highlighter Yellow


A decade ago, most office interior designers in Bangalore wouldn’t have considered this for office space. Yellow has often represented all things eclectic. Using it in office interiors adds zest and a vivacious energy to space.


Shades of Green


Psychologists deem green to be a colour that connects us to nature. Shades of green when contrasted with grey or black add elegance, sophistication and productive vibe to space.


Bright Orange


Once upon a time, a colour that was considered too loud or garish is now the most becoming shade in the interior design. Office interior designers in Bangalore find it zesty, inviting and peppy.


Shades of Crimson


This is definitely not a colour that one would adopt for their office but Office Interior Designers in Bangalore is experimenting with it. The results have been nothing less than spectacular. Predominantly used in furniture, red chairs, couches or sofas add passion and great creative energy to space.




Royal purples, mauve and shades of lily are fast becoming the most sophisticated palette of colours. In an office interior, purple carpets, desks or wall colours adds to the elegance of the space. Some blend it rather artistically with shades of blue or contrasting black to design a space that is visually appealing.


A combination of colours


This is a unique concept that is fast catching up. An entire palette of colours being used for each department with shades of yellow, orange, red, blue etc being more common. The visual impact of such a space is quite riveting and inviting as well.


Office designing and interiors have undergone a huge transformation in recent years. Unusual work concepts such as open design and fluid interiors are becoming more popular by the day.


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How to Use Area Rugs in an Interior Design?

Area rugs have long been used as a decorative accessory. Right from the time man started hunting, he also started using the skin of the animals to warm himself and then to cover the floor of his cave and dwelling. Rugs provide great insulation against biting cold. The art of rug making originated in Persia almost 2500 years old and it became a status symbol to have one of them in a house for a very long time. Remember, how Queen Cleopatra smuggled herself to meet Julius Caesar wrapped in one of these.


Today, many interior decorators in Bangalore are using area rugs as a part of their interior décor to enhance the look of the space and to add texture to their design.


Here are a few ground rules established by interior decorators in Bangalore that would help you select the right area rug for your space.


Selecting the right rug


To get this right, one really needs to select the area where the rug needs to be displayed. If the rug is placed in a high-traffic area, where people tread a lot, then it is best to go for a material that is durable and easy to clean. It is also best to opt for a dark or well-patterned rug that will hide stains or dirt.


Complementing the right style


Picking the right style, texture and colour is very important because the area rug needs to blend in with the overall theme of the space. Don’t go for popular patterns that you have seen everywhere. Opt for something unique that brings out the colours of the space.


Colours & Patterns


There are many basic rules for selecting the right colours and patterns for an area rug. Most interior designers in Bangalore put together the drapes, the colour scheme, the furniture to decide which area rug would suit the space. The basic of the rules that most interior decorators follow is that if the upholstery of the furniture has a solid colour then it is best to go for a patterned rug and vice versa. This would add great texture to the room.


Matching Colours


Most rookie designers make the mistake of putting together items that match the colour and shade of all accessories right from the furniture to the drapes. The trick to match colours is to be subtle. The secondary colour of your room can be the patterned rug that you pick and this colour can match the cushions that are placed on the sofa or the drapes. Solid rugs that are placed can match the accent colours that you pick for the room, like a vase or art etc.


From time immemorial rugs have not failed to elicit warmth and the feeling of coziness in a space. They are an integral part of interior décor so much so that they anchor the entire colour scheme of the space. Therefore, it is imperative that care is taken to select the right one.


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Our Vision of a Green Home

Green homes are no longer the homes of future. For many interior designers in Bangalore, it has become the present. For many years, the dream of a green home found a place only in some far-away farmhouse away from the grid of the mainstream. Many followed their heart and shifted bases to rural areas and followed their dreams.


For many, this is a pipe dream. Most of us can’t realistically live like a hermit in some farmhouse in a remote village. We need to be near our places of work within the city and work. Does this mean that you could build a green home that can go off the grid even within the city?


Yes. Today, most interior designers in Bangalore are called to design a green home and the challenge is that these homes are bang in the middle of the city.


Here is our vision for a green home within a city (no less)


Solar Energy


Solar energy is not a fad or somebody’s latest pet project any more. It has become a necessity and will soon be the must-have in all-building projects. True sustainability cannot be procured without integrating solar energy within the interiors to power the electrical appliances.




Integrating Aquaponics has enhanced the sustainability factor of a green home. Aquaponics within the home grid works in tangent with the organic garden that will grow the food for the homeowners. It forms a tight circle of dependency and sustainability and helps to keep the food organic through the rich compost deposits from the fish waste.


Adding Bamboo for a dramatic effect


Bamboo has long been used as a feng shui element in interiors. Today, many Interior Designers in Bangalore are using the same to bring the nature within the room. Bamboo as a façade has many advantages and it helps to add a certain dramatic flair to the interior.


Courtyard Space


This might be reminiscent of the good old traditional homes in South India and Kerala but they are still relevant in today’s home or office interior design. Courtyard space can be judiciously used to grow plants, food or flowers. If you get the landscaping right, you can put in an artificial pond or even a small fountain there. In a green home, a courtyard can serve as a collection point for the water that passes down the roof and there we can place an underground tank to collect and preserve the water through careful water harvesting.


Vertical Garden Space


Mindful of the fact that we are building a green home in the urban space, most office or home interior designers in Bangalore are now building a house with vertical gardens. A garden space is not only prime but also sacred and optimum use of the same is a must. Vertical gardens also add to the visual effect of the home and can also become the talking point of the home.


One needn’t hunt for a conversation starter when you are within a green home indeed!

Wardrobe Design Ideas

We often face this very singular problem of finding a space for our clothes, shoes, trinkets and the list goes on, and they are never in order. We often like spending time in the closet while dressing up and experimenting with different styles. So, comfort is an essential requirement when designing wardrobes. When thinking about wardrobe design, the factors of convenience and accessibility is very important.


Before planning for your wardrobe design, take up a thorough inventory of the items available in the closet. Inventory will help you in deciding what wardrobe style suitable for your bedroom.


Depending on the size of the room and your storage needs, you can either opt for walk-in wardrobe or design it as a separate part of the room. Usually, the wardrobe is designed to be part of the wall as they not only save space but also look very clean and crisp.


So, if you are looking to revamp your wardrobe here are some design ideas that will not only be efficient but also very stylish and chic.


Island with cabinets all around:


Some of the best interior designers in Bangalore recommend this type of wardrobe design. The island can be so designed that it offers comfort along with storage. Set up the island as the focal point of the closet with built-in wall cabinets to hang your daily wear, party wear, office attire, and bath accessories. The island with cabinets can help you in storing in the trinkets like ties, jewelry for daily wear, socks, handkerchiefs and many more. The advantage of this wardrobe design is that it takes up minimal space, but at the same time you can keep things well organized.


Wardrobe corridor style:


When incorporating a wardrobe in the bedroom, the size of the room should also be taken into account. There is no need to fret if your room is medium sized or small sized. Corridor style wardrobe will blend snugly with your room. Some of the best interior designers in Bangalore have used this wardrobe design.  The closet will feature wall to wall cabinets with separators for all your clothes, accessories and shoes. Instead of having plain floors you can carpet them with a neutral color and set up beautiful lighting to illuminate all the corners of your wardrobe. Fixing the mirror on the insides of the door will also save space and allows for more movement in the room.


Luxury and vintage:


Luxury and vintage are concepts that go in hand in hand. Having a wee bit of luxury is a great factor when you design a wardrobe. Vintage adds the touch of nostalgia whenever you step in the closet. Place a recliner or a sofa with fluffy cushions in the middle to ponder your choice for the day while a beautiful antique chandelier is hanging overhead to brighten up the room. Many best office or home interior designers in Bangalore recommend a touch of curtains to the room as it gives a royal look. You can add a wall cabinet that will hold all your jewelry like necklaces, earrings,and others. This wall cabinet will make it easier for you to match the accessories.


At the end of the day, the wardrobe is your personal space where you can sing, dance and experiment. Designing a wardrobe should always carry a personal touch. Want to know more, then the best home or office interior designers in Bangalore, the “Design Arc Interiors” are at your service.

Making the Most of Small Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are the place for families to connect, enjoy and the share their experiences of the day. It is a place that creates many memorable moments of bonding with your friends and family and no matter its size. Dining rooms are an essential part of any home interior design as it brings people together.


Here are some ideas that can help you make most of your dining room:


Go wild:


Have a wild streak? Then a wild theme like jungle wallpaper or climbing vines is the perfect fit. You can also have a printed zebra print for the décor or the furniture. For the lightning effect, hanging lanterns can bring the feel of an outdoor food fiesta. Having a dark color for the walls coupled with antique furniture with a glass or wooden table with a beautiful flower arrangement in the middle makes up for a great time.


Splash of colors:


Having a play of colors in the dining room can add to the ambiance of the room. Having candy pink or electric blue chairs or as curtains. Fuschia is a bold accent that goes well floral wallpaper. A green lacquer can add some shine to the room.  A mix of antique metal lamps and vintage mirrors can add a touch of old times and opulence to the dining room. Bright colors are often used in home interior design to bring life to the room by highlighting the space and its décor.


Formal, modern and crisp:


Want a touch of formality? Then rattan chairs in all white setting with a beautiful plaster chandelier hanging above will give a hint of formality with a personal touch. Get a glimpse of the colonial era with taffeta cloth-covered table and with a beautiful breakfront that is durable for storage and aces in the looks department.


All is art:


Art can be used the make the room pop no matter its size. Many interior designers in Bangalore hang large paintings to bring fresh colors. You can even add cinema posters and have a beautiful and brightly colored terracotta birds on wooden brackets. Showcase your love of plants by placing them near the wall. Mixing different art pieces from various eras and cultures gives an eclectic touch.


Homely yet modern:


Many interior designers often advocate a touch of subtlety with a hint of modernism for home interior design. The sage offers a muted background with vintage flooring, patterned curtains and modern art around the room is a mix of modern yet vintage. Placing a round or a rectangular table with flower vases in the middle along with custom-made French chairs covered with textured linen jute. Hanging exquisite crystal chandeliers or lanterns can add a touch of tasteful elegance to the room.


Mismatched designs:


Looking for the exotic yet casual look for your dining room? White floors with black accents with subtle colored curtains and paper lanterns can make up for mismatched designs and draw attention to all the elements in the dining room. Mismatched designs give a casual feel that is perfect for Sunday brunches and cozy family dinners.


Transform your small dining room into a beautiful and elegant space with some of these ideas. Space is never a constraint as “Home is where the heart is” and we at Design Arc Interiors will help you in making most of your small dining rooms.

Bathroom Islands

Bathroom islands are slowly becoming the rave and a prominent part of house interior design. Islands were a staple in the kitchen to create a focal point where families can be together and have a good time. In the same way the bathroom, islands are being used to create a focal point in over-sized bathrooms or to utilize the space.


Most interior designers are of the view that bathroom islands are a common sense approach to spacious bathrooms. The reason for this trend might be the increasing area of bathrooms as it is perceived as a place for a person to relax and be one with their thoughts.


If you are planning a big bathroom as part of your house interior design then, the islands will be a right choice to create a focal point or to add some extra storage space. Right now the trending look for bathroom islands is sleek,contemporary and crisp.


Here are some pointers that will help you if you decide on a bathroom island:


  1. The island should be a space constraint.
  2. Make sure there is plenty of space around the island.
  3. There should be enough space to move around the island even past opened closet doors.
  4. Choose a shape that gives flow to the bathroom like an oval shape is more flowing then a rectangular or square bathroom island.
  5. Customize your bathroom island like do you want it for brushing or putting on make-up. You can also use the island to separate his and her bath accessories.
  6. The bathroom should have sufficient lighting for ease of access.
  7. Experiment with different kinds of materials like glass, porcelain, and large-scale tile.
  8. House interior designers recommend lighter colors like cream, parchment, eggshell, and soft gray, along with engineered quartz and granite that will create a focal point in the bathroom.
  9. There is no need for the bathroom island to blend with the bathroom interiors as it is installed to stand out in the crowd.
  10. It should have cabinets that are accessible on all sides.

Bathroom islands perform three functions of being part vanity, party dresser, and part wardrobe. You can customize your bathroom wardrobe to have low rung sofa to comfortably sit and relax your feet after a long day or wear make-up for your gorgeous look.


You can move you’re his and her sink and mirrors to the middle and keep them on either side of the island. The freed space can be used to add desk or cabinets along the wall. You can even keep potted plants across the wall as hangings or in the desk for the tropical feel.


Try designing your bathroom island as an antique dresser with over-sized sofa to go with it when planning your house interior design as it not only sleek but adds a touch of vintage as well.


Want some ideas on bathroom islands? Then we at Design Arc Interiors; are ready to help you add the wow factor to your home or as the French say adding a magnificent bathroom island to your over-sized bathroom is Tres cool.

Making the most of a Garden View

When we go to hotels we ask for a garden view room. Why do you think that is? Great views and pleasant prospects are nice to rise up to, they are great for selfies evoking much envy among friends and most important of all it enhances the value of the property. How many times you have seen ads that read Garden view apartments? Most often than not, properties are also named appropriate as ‘Garden view’ or ‘mountain view’ to make the most of the property’s view.


While having a view is awesome, it is also important that you build your home in such a way that you enjoy the pleasant prospect that is offered to you. What’s really the point of having a great view if you have walled it up? Here are a few ideas from apartment interior designers in Bangalore that would make the most of a garden view.


Black Frames in Glass Windows


One of the many things that apartment interior designers in Bangalore do to enhance a beautiful garden view is to fix glass windows with black frames. Nothing adds more visual impact to a wooded view than black and since it can blend beautifully into the view, the resultant picture is nothing less than postcard perfect.


A Dining room in an Orangery


These days, most interior designers are experimenting with space and beauty and this is one of their most successful experiments. An orangery need not just be a building in your garden. It can be turned into the most talked-about memorable venues for a cozy dinner party or a fun evening among friends, or even a book club meeting with some wine, pasta, and pizza. What’s fun with this venue is that a garden and a lawn surround it and an astute interior designer would build it with a lot of glass and French windows that would bring the green into the interior. Add a fancy chandelier and a cozy round table makes it worth the trouble because it will be a memorable evening for your guests.


Small Patio


These days, we are lucky to even have a small patio so it is important that we make most of it. Plant trees one or two large trees that would give a cool shade over the place and grow a lawn. Shrubs, potted plant and a hammock would do the trick. Positioning this view within the home is important. If the two or more rooms overlook the place, a careful consideration of the choice of the trees and plants must be given. A climbing plant or a few creepers that creep along the first floor would look utterly charming.


A Pool View


If space isn’t an issue then going in for a small artificial pool might just be worth the view you would get. Naturally adorned with rocks and plants the pool can reflect the infinite depths of the blue sky in the morning and the cool blue rays of the moon in the night. You will never grow tired of this view, that’s for sure.


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