Art Of Using Daring Colours

Colours are a great way to reflect an individual’s personality and they can evoke a myriad of feelings. Many Apartments interior designers in Bangalore infuse colour in spaces through the use of various elements like paints, art pieces, furnishings, and even furniture. Infusing colours in an environment is a subtle art of making a statement.




Many Apartments interior designers in Bangalore use this idea to create a visual impact. They hang large pieces of art in the most unexpected places like doors, near windows, cabinets and even in the foyer. Sometimes, the art canvas also functions as window blinds. It is recommended to go pieces of art that have a play of colours or has deep baritones. Even though installing art often requires nails, there are other Do-It-Yourself ideas to install them without drilling a hole in the wall.




Painting one side of the wall in bright ochres or deep shades will create a focal point. These colours can bring back the retro era where teal, avocado green, blazing red, orange and other chromatic tones were the rage. These shades combine with streaks of purple and pink can pull off the daring effect.




When wanting to incorporate daring colours in your apartment, one of the best ways is to use furniture. Many apartment interior designers in Bangalore use renaissance or French style furniture to attain this effect.For example, the living room with a red book cabinet, olive green sofa with colourful throw pillows over a Moroccan rug is an excellent example of daring colours. One can also add patterned furnishings to add texture to the room.




Adding bold colours to your apartment can also be done through quirky wallpapers. Striped wallpapers, coloured boho wallpapers, two-toned wallpapers in ochre shades are some of the ways to add colour. Many apartments interior designers in Bangalore recommend custom made wallpapers that will reflect your life journey or any favourite moment.




If you want to create a natural focal point in your home, then bookshelves are your best bet. Paint them in bold contrast tones of red, black, orange and other shades for a beautiful setting. Use colour-coded ideas to arrange the books and use bookends in contrast tone of the bookshelf shade. Add some plants, other art accessories to enhance the space.




The bedroom is often the most ignored space and is one of the most comfortable places to play around. Most home interior designers in Bangalore play around with paint when using bold tones. They often use two or three gradients of the same shade to create a mesmerizing effect. Another variation to this style is using two colours complementing tones like bright and mellow to highlight the tones. For example, a black wall can be accentuated by dripping white paints to create asymmetrical lines. This look is both modern and organic.


Want to know some more ideas for bold colours? Then our best design experts at Design Arc Interiors are here to help.

Office Designs That Make An Impact On Employees

Offices of now are evolving into spaces that focus on employee productivity and happiness. Organisations strive to create areas that impact their employee’s well-being and results in higher productivity.


Many Office interior designers in Bangalore are now devising designs that create a positive impact on employees. These designs encourage the flow of information seamlessly and also give a welcoming effect.


Here are some key office design factors that make an impact on employees:


Workstations and workspaces  


Disorganised and cluttered workspaces make it difficult and time-consuming for workers to work happily. Offices of now are imbibing a sense of belonging in their staff as it functions as their second home. Many office interior designers in Bangalore are in favour of open workspaces that encourage collaborative engagements. Many offices worldwide have installed cubicles like alphabets, tents, gondolas and others that give a twist in their open floor plan. Many designers have now foregone the one-size fits all solution when designing workspaces.


Here is a tip! Filing, recycling files and folders in an organised manner will help in making sense out of chaos.




Many office interior designers in Bangalore strongly feel that ergonomics plays a vital role in impacting employees. Ergonomics help in maintaining the employee’s health. Its impact is designed to reduce health-related workspace risks. Poor setups will affect employees neck, back, hand and wrists leading to a decrease in health and consequently increase in holidays and other follow-up costs. Deploying necessary support is vital for laptop/desktop, mouse, keyboard and footrests so that the employee can work comfortably.


Environmental impact


Having a conducive work environment is a vital factor in the checklist of every office interior designers in Bangalore. Other than ergonomics, the ecological design will also have a profound impact on the employees. Lack of proper lighting,ventilation, high noise levels, and other sedentary factors will give a negative effect on employee’s morale. These problems can be rectified by use of natural lighting, designing a blend of workspaces, and well-designed ventilation.


Here is a tip! Offices can also set up a gym or other activities that encourage their employees to stay active. Many offices have also installed slides and rock-climbing walls for that hint of playfulness.


Workspace types


Every employee has a distinctive style of working. A well-designed workplace should offer a mix of spaces that do not obstruct their employee's creativity. These flexible spaces can be used for lunch breaks, informal meetings, brainstorming sessions and so on. It can also facilitate conversations between personnel from different departments and provide work areas for remote workers.


Employee work areas should have enough spaces to work individually and also cogently communicate and collaborate. For example, having separate cubicles will obstruct communication and team efforts. Bringing in nature will infuse a sense of positivity and vibrancy in the office environment. Adding some vertical gardens will imbue colorfulness to the room.


Physical surroundings create a profound impact on employee behaviours, attitudes and their work experiences. Want to know more? Then the best office interior designers in Bangalore, the Design Arc Interiors are at your service.

Designing a Luxury Bedroom

Bedrooms are the place intended for restfulness and are your very own private world. Yet we need that little bit of opulence and elegance often seen in magazines and the Architectural Digest. At the same time, it is vital that your bedroom interior design reflects a tranquil design that is filed with comfortability and elegance.




Wall accents are one of the best ways to create a luxurious effect in your bedrooms. Anything plain and simple bedrooms can be transformed into a luxurious bedroom with gold and silver accents. Wall accents in gold and silver will give a regal touch to the bedroom. If you like minimalist accents, then dark greige or grey walls with paler elements are a nice touch. If there are budgetary constraints, then wallpapering or painting one side of the bedroom is a great way to introduce luxury.




Add a bespoke headboard to raise the glam factor of the bedroom. Many bedroom interior design ideas use headboards to create a luxurious space. Vintage headboards will instantly create a royal effect. If you are looking for a modern touch then, then opt for bold colours, unique shapes and design, luxurious fabrics and so on. Installing a headboard from ceiling to floor in darker shades will add the extra pinch of oomph to the room.

For example, a cheerful gold and white coloured bed with beautiful white and yellow throw pillows and a mustard yellow headboard will instantly lighten a bedroom with gray interiors.




Lighting is a crucial factor when it comes to designing luxurious bedrooms. Be its pendant lights, ceiling lights, chandeliers or table lamps; it should be statement lights. They are an excellent addition for increasing the luxe effect. Many bedroom interior design ideas recommend selecting a single exclusive shape to make the bedroom more upscale. For example, a statement chandelier with pear drop crystals in black and white for that beautiful European effect.


Here is a tip! Add a mirrored pendant light to both sides of the headboard in a neutral palette bedroom for the bedroom to look straight out of a magazine.




If there are unused spaces in your bedroom, add comfortable seating for a quiet reading nook. Place a wired chair with cushions and a rug to comfortable sit and have a read. It also functions as a place to lay out your attire for the next day. Most bedroom interior design ideas also recommend adding a plush upholstered bench layered with luxurious velvet can add that refined look in a blink of an eye.




Every home interior magazine or the Architectural Digest features a generous helping of pillows in the bedroom. Some of the best bedroom interior design ideas recommend this decadent look. Stack the pillows in the order of big, medium and small or sleep pillows, medium plush cushions, and small throw pillows. However, make sure that those throw pillows are clothed in rich fabrics of velvet or silk.


Want to know some more ideas to create a luxurious bedroom? Then our experts at the Design Arc Interiors are at your service.

Adding Colour To Your Bathroom

Having an all-white bathroom may seem like a safe choice, but it runs the risk of becoming boring and clinical. Having an all-white bathroom does give a clean and sleek look. But adding a touch of colour and drama can assist in keeping with the interior design ideas present in residence.


Yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean a total renovation. Here are some DIY ideas that will add colour to your bathroom.




Create a focal point in the room by painting one side of the wall in a bright hue. It is a simple face lift that can utterly transform your bathroom’s look and feel. You can also opt for darker colours to achieve a mysterious effect. Hang a gold frame mirror, some classic wall art to make your bathroom a part of the vintage era.




If you are a fan of the monochrome colours of black and grey, then you can transform your bathroom into more contemporary and debonair space. By adding accessories like towel frames, toothbrush holders, dustbins in those colours will add to the monochrome interior design ideas. To enlarge the effect a bit, just paint one side of the wall in grey or black to enhance your colour scheme.




For that dash of elegance, add some colourful wallpapers that will instantly bring a smile to your face as soon as you enter the bathroom. Like a sweet coastal-inspired design to add charm and character to your bathroom. Place the wallpaper in a designated place like the opposite to the bath stall or above the tub with matching accessories for that personal touch.


Accent walls or tiling


Pique your interest by adding an accent wall or colourful tiles to create a design feature in your right. Use the mix of right colour combinations that will make it although more bespoke and beautiful. With vintage cupboards, ornate accessories and colourful accents the bathroom will truly become very inviting and elegant.




If you are an avid nature lover, then this plethora of interior design ideas to bring the outside inside your bath space. Give your walls a splash of olive green and natural green paint, some brown furniture for the soil and some indoor house plants. Cacti is one of those plants that require less maintenance and water. Artificial plants will also do the trick.




If you don’t want to go for renovation and retiling, it is better to opt for accessories in various shades. Incorporate some bright accessories like curtains, colourful towels, cup holders and other materials. It also comes with an added advantage of being cost-effective. It is also easy to change anytime you decide that you don’t like them or just want a change in scenery.


Here is a tip! Paint cupboard doors and the front of your bathtub to get a modern look.


Colours have a tremendous part in influencing a person’s mood. Irrespective of the size of the bathroom, colours can be a great addition without going overboard.

Stress Relief Design Ideas

Putting our feet up is often our goal after a stressful day. Our bedroom is the sanctuary that helps us de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. A cluttered space will induce a sense of chaos and depressed moods. Having a de-cluttered space will aid in having a relaxing area. Many apartments interior designers in Bangalore often advocate these stress relief design ideas that power us up in no time.




Most use design ideas that showcase simplicity at its finest. For example, a bedroom in neutral or pastel tones is a good start. Add all white bedding with ruffled sheets, a frameless mirror and simple nightstand to complete the space. In case, if the walls are white, add some layers of pastel coloured linen bedsheets. If you are a book lover, then stack your books and use them as a side table or pull out a book for a late-night read.


Play around


Many apartments interior designers in Bangalore play around with textures and shades for stress relief ideas. A play of monochromatic accents in different proportion and scale is an excellent addition for a calm setting. For example, a greige bedroom with a pastel bed and dark grey bed covers over a multi-coloured rug set the stage. Add scale by hanging oversized pendant light over the edge of the bed. Some coloured curtains and some flowers for colour and natural beauty. Sometimes, you can also add a touch of mystery to your bedroom by keeping a Persian rug in an upright position.




Go for some warm industrial tones or a bohemian touch to the bedroom. These themes are famous for giving a pleasing feel even in a clash of colours or a calm, neutral tone. The Bohemian undertones help in invoking a sense of sophistication. Add a potted plant near a quirky nightlight on a light coloured teak table near your bed. Add a plush brightly coloured Moroccan rug for colour. However, when going for the Bohemian theme, the apartments or home interior designers in Bangalore recommend that the bed be placed near the window.


Even though industrial tones are often used for large spaces, they also provide a calming environment. Use a neutral scheme with muted colours for furnishings that prevent visual chaos, and natural lighting gives layered undertones.




Most apartments interior designers in Bangalore recommend art as part of stress relief. Art can be used in all shapes and sizes. Hang a large canvas that will help in selecting the scheme for the room, and it will also be a focal point. Hang some Do-it-Yourself wall art to spruce things up. The next best alternative is the wallpaper. They come with an advantage as it can be easily changed.


Here is a tip! Don’t overcrowd artwork, as it will create clutter and disorganised spaces.


Having a calming atmosphere is the most essential thing, and these ideas will guarantee that transformation. Want to know some more? Our best apartments interior designers in Bangalore, the Design Arc Interiors are at your service.

Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Finding enough space in the bathroom for storing our essentials often proves to be a challenge. The requirements for a stylish and clutter-free bathroom is primarily smart storage and beautiful design. In a nutshell, intelligent bathroom storage solutions are the need of the hour, and the interior decorators in Bangalore have some excellent ideas.




This idea is very commonly used by most interior decorators in Bangalore when designing bathrooms. If there is a wall near your shower cubicle, ask a professional to cut out a recess in the wall before the tiling process. It will make the perfect space to store your bath products without getting wet. Make that recess stand out by using different patterned tiles. However, the size of the break depends upon the wall and its build.


Over and under


Many a time, the sink’s sides are used to place toiletries, and they constrain space. But, now the home interior designers in Bangalore use a novel idea of setting shelves right below the mirror or as benches adjacent to the sink.  When placing shelves above the sink, you would be able to install a much larger and sleek sink with extra room.


Placing benches underneath the sink is a smart way to keep towels. The long benches adjacent to the sink will give the dual advantage of seating and storage. A bath caddy tray is a super convenient way to take a long soak or have a read.


Up to down


If you want to access all your bath products in one place, then the home or apartments interior decorators in Bangalore recommend the use of floor to ceiling cubbies. They provide ample storage space for towels, bath products, cleaning supplies and others. As it also comes with doors like wardrobe, storing cleaning supplies from plain view and add style to the décor. There is also wall-hung vanity that can be installed in bathrooms. It is a good fit for storage in a large shower cubicle.


Use storage baskets to fill up those cubbies. It helps in keeping the clutter away, and it is neat on the outside. At the same time, you would have time to refill as soon the stock runs low.


Here is a tip! Label your baskets to avoid confusion and makes it's more comfortable to reach.




Many spaces go unutilized in a bathroom. Usually, it will be the window sill, the area above the toilet and under the sink. These places, according to interior decorators in Bangalore aid in bringing out your creative streak. Hang a couple of wicker baskets or basket shelves to store towels, loofas and other items. If cabinets do not fit in narrow spaces, add some horizontal shelves to keep your things. A wall hanging with multiple holders are excellent for smaller bathrooms. Add a towel rack with tray on top with a beautiful framework for placing fragrant scents.


Here is a tip! Make sure these baskets do not hinder your movement in the bathroom.

Using these ideas will help you avoid a floor full of toiletries and can be converted to a visually enchanting place.

Wall Decoration for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often the most ignored space of our home. It is classified as a functional space that has no need for decoration. However, the home interior designers in Bangalore are of a different opinion. Sprucing up your bathroom will add a touch of zing to your day and make you energized for the day.


Add art


Many home interior designers in Bangalore recommend adding pieces of art to your bathroom’s wall. Add some vintage posters or vibrant paintings that light up your showers. If you are a 90’s or a millennial kid, hang a banner that reminds you of that era. If you love getting inspired, then add some quote posters. You can also add a vintage clock like those in the railway station for a dual advantage of getting ready in time and improving the look.


Here is a tip! You can either hang a big one or place smaller ones in bathroom shelves.


Get creative


Explore your creative side when trying storage options in the bathroom. Instead of opting for traditional choices of shelves, home interior designers in Bangalore recommend using step ladders, floating, Do-it-yourself shelves or even boxed cabinets to store bathroom essentials. Use colour coordinated bathroom accessories like cloth baskets, towels and bath curtains.


Here is a tip! Use some colour tape to create some eye-catching geometric patterns. Smaller decals can also be used to create patterns.




Wall accents are one of the primary choices of home interior designers in Bangalore when decorating your bathrooms. Paint one side with a wall for a rustic effect. If going for a cost-effective makeover, then decals, wallpaper or stenciling is a great alternative. It creates a focal point in the bathroom. One of the many advantages of these accents is that they come in different patterns and shades. Even though moisture may present a challenge when using wallpapers, it can be easily remedied by waterproof wallpapers. Add a heavy duty rug in eye-catching tones and patterns to complete the look.


Here is a tip! It is better to use vinyl-based wallpapers or decals that are easy to remove and doesn’t leave a residue on the wall.




Add some gorgeous potted plants to your bathroom windowsills, sink tops, near your bathtub. Ask your local horticulturist to help you select the plants suitable for bathrooms. It helps you accentuate the bathroom’s look and atmosphere and makes the morning look more inviting. Many home interior designers in Bangalore recommend using bathroom essentials in attune with the natural theme for a sense of uniformity.




Home interior designers in Bangalore insist that lighting is an integral part of bathroom decorations. They are not only a necessity but are also an accessory. They have the ability to make or break the space. Choose wisely and invest in beautiful pendant lights that hang either side of the mirror over the sink.  Have some candles handy for those long relaxing baths.


Want some ideas on how you can bring life to your bathroom? Then the best home or apartments interior designers in Bangalore at the Design Arc Interiors are here to help.

Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen

Having a well-lit kitchen is a prerequisite while designing a home. For many decades the design of this space (the most functional one in a home) was treated as an afterthought. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. Today, Kitchen interior designers in Bangalore emphasize lighting and often plan their design based on lighting to transform a kitchen into a bright and spacious space. Here are some ideas that will help in brightening your kitchen.




Kitchen interior designers in Bangalore recommend the usage of recessed lighting to keep your counter-tops bright. The open shelves and upper cabinets are also well illuminated by those lights. However, recessed lighting can also create some shadows, and it is preferable to use multiple smaller recessed lights. By using them, the upper cabinets will be brighter, and there will be a significant reduction in glare making the kitchen more functional and comfortable. This idea works well with the sink area as well to reduce deep shadows.




Instead of adding lights only above the counters, it is best to use a long line of recessed lights in your kitchen lighting scheme. It is a great way to illuminate every cabinet and counter-top evenly. This method might seem to be a little out of place in traditional kitchens but is an excellent addition to modern kitchens of now.


Shelf lighting


Every kitchen is filled with shelves and cabinets needed to store our cooking essentials and crockery. Incidentally, it is also one of the mostly skipped places when it comes to lighting.  Just like recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting should be placed above each partition in the centre. LED lighting tapes are the perfect solution. If the shelves are open, then add lights underneath the bottom shelves. Under shelves lighting should be bright enough to counter the brightness of overhead lights, so using higher watt lighting is always recommended.


Here is a tip! Before installing an LED light, test a strip to see whether it evenly projects the light.




Many kitchen interior designers in Bangalore use dimmers to accentuate mood lighting in the kitchen. Dimmers are an inexpensive addition to your kitchens and help in getting the right amount of light. If there are elderly and young children at home, these dimmers will also double up as a night light.


Kitchen island


If your kitchen has an island, then ceiling or pendant lights can be used to illuminate the area.  Some of the home interior designers in Bangalore even use LED strip lighting to create an intriguing back panel. LED lighting strips can be used for adding the drama effect to the kitchen especially after you are done for the day. It also creates an exciting backdrop for a party or a casual get-together with friends and family.


Here is a tip! Use these strips as a dimmer that is operable either by switch or remote to brighten or lower the lights according to the occasion and the mood you want to create.


Lighting your kitchen the right way is essential. If you want some more ideas to illuminate your kitchen, then we at Design Arc Interiors are here to help.

The Other Side Of Minimalism

Nowadays, many interior design firms in Bangalore have made a subtle shift towards soft minimalism. The striking and opulent designs have now given way to subtle and soft looks that can create a warm and welcoming space. Soft minimalism is all about tonal hues, natural materials and careful organising of things that you cannot be without. This design accentuates how people can engage and experience a space that is open and uncluttered.


So how soft minimalism is implemented?




Most interior design firms in Bangalore start with a clean slate when it comes to soft minimalism. The hues of beige, greige, lavender,mist grey, lilac, dusty rose and sand are some of the favorites for choosing paints. Earthy tones are favorites when it comes to this design.




When it comes to layers of furniture and furnishings, clean and sleek lines are recommended. Most office or home interior design firms in Bangalore avoid the visual swathes of bright colour. Complementing colours, rounded or organic shapes, natural materials are a central component of this design. Ceiling lights, pendant lights and table lamps are used to create a warm and cosy feel.




Soft minimalism is a design that exudes practicality. It declutters your space and enhances functionality and the feel of the room. William Morris, a British designer, said, "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful". If it's neither practical nor pretty, donate it.  When space needs a thoughtful curating, most home or office interior design firms in Bangalore recommend soft minimalism.




The convergence of indoors and outdoors is one of the advantages of this design. It seamlessly connects nature to your space by incorporating abundant natural lighting, raw materials and an effortless introduction of greenery. It aims in creating cosy and comfortable spaces for social interaction, family bonding or some me time with a beautiful view.


How to introduce soft minimalism to your home?


It is quite an effortless process to introduce this beautiful design to your home by following these simple steps.

  • Use different shades of the same hue and then add some pop of accent colours.
  • Use different textures like leather, velvet and linen for warm and comfortable seating.
  • Embrace curves like rounded edges or arcs through architecture or furniture is integral to this design. It provides a sense of harmony and gentle on the eyes.
  • Invest in a single piece of furniture that gives a refined look, for example; handless cabinetry is a good choice.
  • Invest in pieces that will be durable for years like a sofa rather than multiple sections of seating.
  • Most home or apartment interior design firms in Bangalore finish off this design with small vignettes. For example, a carefully curated display on your coffee table or book shelves in groups of three for a pare-backed scheme

Soft minimalism helps in creating sanctuaries that give peace of mind in contrast to our hectic lives. Want some more ideas?  Our experts at Design Arc Interiors are at your service.

Using Windows To Make A Style Statement

Our windows are the gateway to the outside world. They have the capability to present us with an unparalleled view of the outdoors and safeguard our privacy in the process. They are an integral part of every home, and most interior decorators in Bangalore recommend styling your windows to give your home a much-needed face-lift.




If you are looking for additional seating, look no further than your window. Add a slim bench with a mattress beneath your window to accommodate your guests. It can also function as a quiet reading or relaxing nook. This setting will increase the visual appeal of the room. It will be a perfect place for conversations or some me time. Be sure to add some comfy throw pillows, cushions in bold colours and quirky designs. Add some hidden compartments in the bench for storage functionality.




Most interior decorators in Bangalore use blinds to give a classic touch to the interiors. They also give privacy when you need them. They are many choices of shades like wooden, fibre, plastic and even cloth fabrics. You can spruce up the window by with statement-making screens like geometrical, floral, polka design and other beautiful designs. It will brighten the room’s aesthetic.


Stained glass


Stained glass is now one of the trending choices when it comes to making statements with windows.Stained glass gives an artistic feel to the room, and it can also be used to provide a dramatic effect. The morning sun will seep through its colours and lights that will give the overall ambience of warmth. Frosted glasses are also another one of the options for a translucent look while filtering those beautiful sun-kissed rays.




If you like north-American touches, then valances are a beautiful addition. Valances are a length of decorative drapery which is hung above a window to hide the curtain fittings. Most home interior decorators in Bangalore recommend finishing touch by adding anunder window bench with decorative throw pillows and some cushions.


Here is a tip! If you love do-it-yourself items, make your own valance by dupatta or scarf. Drape them at the end of the curtain fittings in the design of arc to create a stunning effect.


Paint or perforate


If you want a touch of twist to your window, then the home or office interior decorators in Bangalore recommend painting your window shutters in rainbow or beautiful colours of gold and silver will reflect those morning hues. Perforated windows are also a great way to filter those blinding sun-rays seep through the window. Another advantage of perforates windows is that it puts up a great show of lights dancing around as the sun changes.


If you are looking for some functionality, then add some urban chic shelves to your windows. However, keep glass utensils so that you don’t block the sunlight.


Giving your windows a makeover is an excellent way to give your home an elegant look. If you want to know some more, then we at Design Arc Interiors are here to help.

Tips To Organise Your Closets Like A Pro

Arranging our cabinets seems to be a never-ending process, and we often don’t find the time to assemble them neatly. It nearly leads to a meltdown when we are in a hurry to get dressed to work. However, home interior designers in Bangalore have come with tips that will help you maintain your closet like a pro.


Empty the closet


The first step in organizing your wardrobe is to make it completely empty. The empty cabinet visual will aid in deciding the use of the drawers devise a way to stack your possessions and the needed storage accessories.


Categorise and purge


Separate your wardrobe items into different categories to arrive at the correct storage method. Separate your accessories, pants, skirts, blouses, salwar kameez, dupatta and so on to know which are more and which less is. In case, some clothes have not been worn for a long time; then it is best to throw them away. Home interior designers in Bangalore are of the view that a closet should hold items that are constant use and should not be used as an attic.




If there are not enough drawers in your cupboard, using storage boxes are an excellent way to store socks, undergarments,necklaces and other knick-knacks. Storage boxes are also a good alternative for storing your occasionally used dresses or seasonal wear.


Label and hang


Labelling and hanging are most handy tips used by home interior designers in Bangalore when organizing closets. If you are using boxes to store away your things, labelling them helps in identification and easy accessibility. Hangers are best suited if there is no more space to keep clothes. It is recommended to colour coordinate them as per your frequency of use. It also helps in separating your wardrobe into daily wear, office wear, party wear and so on. Colour blocking also works on dresses. Arrange your shirts from light to dark or strappers, short sleeves to long sleeves and so on. Once you get used to the system, it will easier to place them back after washing, and you can get ready for office on-time.


Unused space


If you are using only hangers for your clothes, then you can utilise the open space below them to store purses, scarves and other accessories like shoes. Use stackable shoe boxes for that extra space. Add some shelves and rods if your closet is simple in design. Don’t forget to organise your drawers. Use dividers to separate the things from getting mixed up or use stacking trays to store your jewellery.




Design Arc Interiors; leading home & office interior designers in Bangalore recommend using a practical system that will be beneficial in the long run. When organising your closet use five bags under the following heads keep, recycle, throw out and not sure. By separating your possessions in these heads, it will help in arranging the things that your closet actually needs. This practice helps in removing unwanted items.


These tips will help you perfectly organise your closets and help you avoid the weekday tension of getting ready.

How To Create Luxurious Spaces Within A Budget?

Having a luxurious space is the dream of many,but in reality, you make do with what’s feasible and possible within your budget. Thankfully many budget interior designers in Bangalore have come up with few ingenious hacks for designing a luxurious space.


Declutter and organise


Most budget interior designers in Bangalore recommend this step when it comes to creating luxurious spaces.  Cleanliness and tidiness are two of the essential factors for creating an elegant space. Cluttered areas give a sense of chaos. Once you have decluttered the space, the next step is to organise. Stacking things as per their frequency of use is an awesome way to get organised.




Picking the right colour for your walls is an inexpensive way to add drama and glamour to space. Bold colours with shiny hues, neutral shades like beige, grey, greige, and yellow are a great way to stay on trend. Neutral tones go with the most type of furniture and furnishings even bold accents.For example, a dark navy wall with purple and gold furnishings will give a luxurious touch to the room.




Most of the luxury homes come with high ceilings that showcase the opulence of the residence.But if you don’t have high ceilings, then the budget interior designers in Bangalore recommend the use of curtains to give the effect of high ceilings. Hang curtains at the very top of the wall that is from the roof to the floor rather than only on the windows. Alternatively, you can also hang vertical decorations to make the room look more luxurious.




Lighting is one of the ingenious ideas to make the home look more luxurious. Chandeliers, shaded lamps, decorative LED lights even candles can help in achieving the desired effect. You can keep candles of various sizes or also focus lights that give patterns when switched on. Candles or lamps can be placed in coffee tables, bookshelves, hanged from the ceilings thereby giving a rich impression. Lighting is a very efficient way to create depth in a room. Another trick is to use sheer curtains that will also let natural light stream inside the room.




Throw pillows are a fabulous addition when it comes to creating plush spaces. If you are going for small sized pillows of 12-18 inches, cloth them quirky covers that give a pop of colour. If not, use cushions of 24 inches with abstract designs that make them stand out. It also offers the luxurious feel you are looking to achieve. All it needs is some patience,time and effort.


Here is a tip! Use some stencils to write some funny messages or any other designs that can make them bespoke.


Place some potted plants and some fresh flowers on the table every day. Pluck them from your garden or get a bunch when coming back home. Floras provide that instant finishing touches to a room and bring everything together.


By using these simple tips, it is an effortless process to give your home a luxurious feel within a budget.

Lighting Up Your Puja Room

Puja room or Puja Ghar(as it is commonly known)isa staple addition in every Indian household. It is known to bring prosperity, protection,and happiness to the family and according to traditional beliefs, it should be well-lit. These days, puja rooms have shrunk to become wall cabinets or a simple mandap in a nook. Lighting has become a challenge, but many residential interior designers in Bangalore have come up with unique solutions to light up your Puja Ghar.




Many residential interior designers in Bangalore recommend the usage of spotlights to illuminate the puja room. Soft spotlights can give an ethereal glow when the puja room is between walls or in a corner. If the flooring is granite or tiles, the light will bounce off and illuminate the whole area. Electric diyas are a good choice if you are on a budget. Even string LED’s or serial lights are a good choice to light up your mandap as they can be reused and set up in different kinds of ways to decorate the space.


Look up


An illuminated tray ceiling can make the puja room well lit-up. Ceilings lights will give a distinctive look to the puja room in an open floor plan concept. It can also act as a zone separator andprovidewarm lighting when complemented by the ceiling and floor.


Pendant lights


Many residential home interior designers in Bangalore recommend the use of pendant and chandelier lights as it adds sparkle and artistic influence on the room. For example, hanging some lights in glass and chrome from the metallic dome can brighten up the room. It also adds a dash of modernism with a minimalistic effect.


Panel lights


Panel lights are also a nice touch when looking to brighten up the puja room. Instead of jarring lights, conceal them behind panels to emit a celestial radiance. One of the advantages of these panel lights is that they are pliable and give depth to the room. They can be usedin shelves, in backdrops or even the ceiling. These lights are durable and come with many beautifying effects.


Interesting effects


Ifyou want to give a little twist to your puja room, residential interior designers in Bangalore have a solution for that as well. Light fixtures that project interesting patterns is an excellent addition to puja rooms. For example, an intricate dome pendant light that shows-off a beautiful teardrop pattern will add a touch of grandeur, and an illusion of depth. In case, the puja room is near a window, add some skylights to accentuate the natural light and some potted plants to enhance that au naturel feel.


When it comes to choosing lights, it is best to use LED lamps. LED bulbs are a perfect fit as it is energy-efficient, low maintenance and comes with a long life.


If you are looking for some more lighting ideas, then we at Design Arc Interiors are here to help.

Inexpensive and Best Interior Décor Ideas That Wow

Periodic renovations are not the first choice of many as it can often be expensive. Most of the homeowners are on a constant lookout for ideas that can make their interiors look plush and inviting. However, here are some of the wallet-friendly ideas used by cheap and best interior designers to bring that wow factor to your home.


Pick a theme


Establishing a theme and an overall style can help in help in bringing your spaces together instead of being just thrown together. For example, centre an art piece and work with the colours present in the canvas to arrive at a colour scheme. The colour scheme will help in selecting the furnishings like throw pillows, curtains and others.




Many cheap and best interior designers use this trick to organise space. Store away those loose papers, magazines, pencils, papers and electric chords in a couple of baskets like wicker or wood. This trick works for the kitchen to store your cooking essentials. Baskets are cost-effective and are available in many shapes and sizes to suit your storage needs.Placing the bookshelf perpendicular to the wall will help in dividing the space in open floor plans. Fill the shelves with books, collectables, potted plants and storage baskets in the last shelves.




Having some house plants around is a great and inexpensive addition to every home. Most cheap and best office & home interior designers use plants extensively to add texture to the interior design. Plants give fragrance and can aid in filling up those bare spots and add height or flow to space.


Gallery wall


Adding a personal touch will give a touch of elegance and an artistic effect. Arrange photo postcards of your vacation or your family photos creatively to create a photo wall. The cheap and best home & office interior designers recommend that the pictures should be placed in the same style frames to bring uniformity to your design. This idea will help in crafting a more intimate and thoughtful setting for any room or space you choose.


Here is a tip! You can also hang your child’s feet or hand impression or their drawings as part of your gallery.




One of the easiest ways of making a room pop is colours. While a full house painting is not needed, painting one side of the wall will be sufficient enough to create a texture. Bold colours will give make the area dynamic and vibrant whereas muted tones will provide a cosy effect. If painting is not an option, the cheap and best home & apartment interior designers suggest the use of decals as per the usage of the room. For example, if it is a child’s room, animals and alphabets decals are a good choice. Floral stickers are perfect for living rooms and so on.


Here is a tip! Painting the ceiling will give a more drastic effect then painting all four walls.


Using these tricks will aid in giving that wow factor to your home without stressing your wallet. If you want to know some more, then Design Arc Interiors is at your service.

Bring Greenery with Artificial Turf

Greenery can be brought into an apartment in many ways. Live plants need constant maintenance and they also need a lot of sunshine. The same goes for lawns and turf. It is difficult to grow turf and grass unless you have a well-tended terrace garden. Even then, maintenance would be required 24/7, time that most of us don’t have. Does this mean that we forget our green dream? Not necessarily. That’s why most apartment interior designers in Bangalore are opting for artificial turf. It may not be the real thing, but it does bring in a lot of green in your apartment and it is quite lush.


What is artificial turf?


Artificial turf is faux grass made from synthetic fibres. It was widely used in sports ground. Now they have become a permanent fixture in homes that don’t’ have space for natural grass.It is suitable for balconies, terrace, patios, lawns, poolside and even inside the house. It offers the look of natural green without the high maintenance. At the same time, faux grass can also get very hot. So, most apartment interior designers in Bangalore recommend installing them in places that have high traffic and where planting a real patch of grass would be impossible to grow.


Terrace garden


Planting grass could be challenging in apartments as it requires attention and warrants high maintenance. But, by keeping some potted plants along with a square or rectangle patch of faux grass can transform an apartment terrace or balcony to a garden. Set the artificial turf like a rug and place some chairs around it with a coffee table in the middle to enjoy that relaxing morning cuppa.


Convert your patio


Often, courtyards are paved by stone with gaps, and potted plants are used for the garden setting. Fill those gaps with faux grass as they will boost the surroundings with authentic look and feel of original grass. Most apartment interior designers in Bangalore go with faux grass as it does not require the maintenance of living grass.Also, it stays green all-year round irrespective of changing seasons.


Play area


Faux grass is made from synthetic fibres but is also quite smooth in texture. It is a perfect setting for kids-play area as it can cushion their fall rather than a patio or front yard surface. However, one should note that faux grass can heat up immensely when kept under the direct sun. So, it is recommended to install them away from those areas so that playtime could be fun.


Pet lover’s assistant


Home interior designers in Bangalore suggests artificial turf strongly when there are pets in the houseful grass is highly absorbent in nature and also stain-free. It is a good choice for apartment owners with pets. It easily absorbs liquid waste without running the risk of discoloration and easy to clean when it comes to solid waste. It needs to be periodically hosed down to keep the turf clean.




Most of the apartment interior designers in Bangalore use faux grass to create the transition effect of outdoors to indoors. By using it as a doormat or a patch of grass allows the people to enter without any mud stuck to their shoes or feet. As it is tough and durable, only a simple hose down is needed to clear out the debris.


These are a few ways through which an artificial turf can be incorporated in an apartment. If you are looking for some more ideas, then our interior designers at Design Arc are here to help.

Using Headboard as a Decorative Element

Headboards help in creating a focal point when it comes to bedroom interior design. It not only gives support to our tired backs but also creates a design element that can enhance your bed or completely transform its looks. Use this tips to design headboard that screams you.




Bedroom interior design ideas often give a free handle when it comes to the creativity factor. Often we see that headboards are a plain old slab of wood at the back of mattress frame. Paste hexagonal or any shape of tile you prefer in the wall and place your bed underneath them. If the colour scheme of the room is very warm and inviting, you can stick a fresco inspired tile that will complement the room.This will help in creating a focal point and give your bedroom a free form look.




Love to be unique? Then this floating headboard is a great fit as it defies the traditional norm of beds and boards. A floating headboard is few inches off the floor and doubles up as wall decor. By using upholstered rectangular or square pattern, it gives reclining comfort along with a statement. To make it more functional, just add some shelves on either side that can house your favourite books or a music system to listen to the soothing tranquility of your favourite songs.


Tip! Attention to detail and ambient lighting is an important part when designing a headboard with shelves.


Blank canvas


This is most definitely out of the box bedroom interior design idea when designing a child’s bedroom.  Blackboard design is recommended by interior design experts so that you have space for brainy equations, doodles or for those thoughts that randomly pop. If not a headboard, paint the wall with blackboard paint,that will give an ever-changing backdrop that goes well with the contemporary background.


Tip!Just be sure to keep the chalky artwork away from the bed to avoid chalk on pillows and the mattress.


Guest or shared bedrooms


When redesigning or designing a shared bedroom for your kids or guests, use coordinating cushions and covers with matching headboard to bring uniformity and give a smart look to the room. You can also add some hidden cabinets to the headboard for the correct dose of functionality if a side table is not a possible option.


A touch of the classic


Wooden headboards have a historical past when it comes to our Indian culture. They are found in palatial bedrooms that emanate the royal effect. But due to space constraints, the four-poster carved bed has lost its enigma. This ingenious bedroom interior design idea helps you bring that effect by bringing with two carved wooden posts. However, the headboard should be smaller in size and with a dome silhouette that depicts to the golden era.




Minimalism is nowadays the trend. It is also easy to maintain and are sleek in look. It presents a no-fuss backdrop that complements a minimalistic bedroom/apartment interior design. Incidentally, you can also install a wall of wood to match your interior decor.


Headboards present that comfort factor combined with functionality. Want to know which type suits you best? Our bedroom interior designers at “Design Arc Interiors”, are here to help to bring bedroom bliss.